Opponenet heroes in raids keep taking down my mana

I noticed this a little while ago–how many days I’m unsure–but I thought I was imagining it. Today I took my team of Sabina, Grimm, Bane, Azer, and Hansel into a raid and managed to kill everyone but the enemy Bane and Kiril. I almost had the enemy’s Bane down and Grimm’s special was one match away from filling. The enemy Kiril’s special went off, but Bane was still one good hit away from being taken out, so I matched blue tiles and filled Grimm’s special. Immediately on my opponent’s turn Bane hit Grimm (not with his special) and Grimm’s special bar went back down to around 75%.

I’ve noticed this happening a lot lately, both when the enemies hit me with their specials and when they just hit me. I’m afraid I haven’t notice a particular pattern on what specials are up and what heroes are present–it happens so quickly that like I said before, I thought I was imagining it. It only seems to happen to my heroes who fill up and get immediately hit. If I recall correctly, it also only happens when my opponents have some sort of buff turned on.

Please fix this issue! I dislike raids as it is, and if this issue persists when wars start again it could cost my alliance a win.

Are you sure you didn’t have a debuff with mana?

This has been reported before - but figuring out what actually triggers it since it seems to be uncommon is another matter.

It just happened again, where the enemy Bane hit Sabine (this time with his special) and took her mana down. Please fix this issue!

You could try filming your raids, so that you might capture it

@Almeida yes I’m absolutely sure. The only heroes that were left had no ability to debuff my mana, and the heroes I fought didn’t either. Today the two that were left were Bane and I believe Gunnar (I get the knights mixed up sometimes). This time there was no buff on the enemies.

@Branwen I have no idea how to do that, or if it’s even possible on my phone.

@Paulon there’s becoming a pattern that Bane’s doing it; I wonder if it’s an issue with specific heroes? This is the second time I KNOW it was Bane, and I’m very sure he was one of the problems before, when I thought it was my imagination.

Google how to film and the make of your phone, practically every phone has it nowadays. Just delete it afterwards if the bug does not happen

I’ll do that when I get home; hopefully it’ll help track down the cause of this so it can be fixed!

It also does help if you mark down the time it happened, so you can send that time through a support ticket for them to investigate properly

Ah, okay. I’ll try to remember to do that the next time it happens. Thank you!

I use AZ screen recorder on Android to record matches. It’s simple & free.
Never seen this bug myself, but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a 3* team.
Sounds like Bane has been harmonic slamming Guinevere. Guess that’s why I keep calling her special names when I fight her… :innocent:

Thanks for giving me a program to look up!

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