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Another, “Which heroes would you work on next?” Post…

I am not a cup chaser. I love titan fights and alliance wars. And of course I hit all events.

Screenshot_20181130-103000 Screenshot_20181130-102949

My ascension materials…

Good Roster

Holy: Li Xiu, Chao
Dark: Proteus, Khiona
Ice: Isarnia (before Aegir even), Triton
Nature: Kashrek (possible tank), Melendor. I even advise in time to have 2 Kashrek. In flank position, they can carry weaker team through AW battles like no one else.
Fire: Finish Gormek, then it depends. Colen and Kelile are very versatile, Scarlett is great for events and titans because of her insane tile damage, and Zim can be a good alternative to Rigard to fight defenses with purple tanks flanked by heroes who inflict nasty status ailments.

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You are nearly ready to take Leanna to final ascension, just one more tonic. You wouldn’t regret that.

For wars you can never have too many wu kong I reckon, but that might just be me


Thanks for tips.

I stopped Aegir at 3/40, started Isarnia and Proteus. Using my TC’s to force blue and purple feeders out till they are done.

Then I will finish Gormek then start Zim for reds

Going to level Melendor for green as I lack dispellers and love healers. Not sure why i didn’t level him sooner. When he is done on to Kashrek(s)

It’s so hard for me to stay on track though. I appreciate the time spent reviewing my rosters and giving some advice :slight_smile:

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