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I have the purple four star Cyprain in my party. They return a hundred and 15% of the damage they take and for the surrounding Heroes for five turns. Do you think they’re more valuable than the purple 5-star quintus who does 260% of damage to all enemies. I know quintus is a five-star but cyprian can return a lot of damage not just themselves but for the surrounding Heroes and not just for one turn but for 5. So who do you think is more valuable to have in your party? Which purple hero would you keep? Thanks for your opinion

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I would keep both. Do not discard any 4* or 5* heroes, at least until you are very very solid on why. Buying hero space is very cheap.

Cyprian’s Riposte skill makes him a decent center tank, but he’s a very static hero—sure he deals 115% of damage received, but he just received a big slug of damage. Riposte is great against heroes that attack three or more targets at once, and he’s a hero that will serve you well as you move up, but he’s not one I have used in maybe six months.

Quintus is a solid 5* who, when he eventually fires, will make a huge dent in your foe. Long-term, he’s the one you’ll use.

Question: what ascension materials do you have? Compass, fine gloves, four trap tools? Those plus four more trap tools, six royal tabards, a Damascus blade and a Tome of tactics?


I like them both, Wish they would ascend more…

Thank you, they’re both maxed out on their special skill and safe rings totally ascended. I still need some more materials to send quintus again. I just wonder if a five-star is always better just because there a five-star and not 4

There are some really good 4* heroes that I would argue people would choose over really bad 5s. That said the general rule of thumb is of course that 5 is better.

Take Wu Kong, he finds a role on many titan teams that could otherwise take a 5* in his spot.

Others find Thorne disappointing and might opt to put Kiril, Grimm, or even Boril in his spot if no other 5* options.

So it depends on what your choices are from the heroes you have. If you have 5 really good 5* heroes that compliment each other, then you might not think much about your 4*s outside of events.

I have eleven maxed 5*, and yet at least one 4* is regularly in my raiding offense. There are valuable skills among the 4* that have no analog in the 5*, or at least not my 4*. And then for titans, you’ll need some 4* to get the color and skill mix you want.

Long-term 4* include Boldtusk, Kiril, Wu Kong, Merlin (unless you have Hel), Hansel, Grimm (unless you have Athena), Tibertus, Gormek, Jackal, and Falcon. (Peters used to be on this list, but Hansel has taken his place.) Any 4* healer remains valuable for wars, and Caedmon and Sonya have strong use cases.

Alliance Wars also calls for having at least 30 credible heroes, and it’s far too expensive for all of those to be 4/80 5*.

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I agree with you. I think there are great 4* heroes that are worth having and worth using long into the game. Which is why I worded my statement carefully.

The context of my comment stem from this comment:

The true answer is no a 5 star is not always better. But in general a 5-star will be better.

It is quite rare to see a 4* on the leader board defense. If you watch videos of people doing high level titans, many are fielding all 5* teams.

Yes 4*s will fill out most of our rosters, but that is not the context I was responding to.

But in the context of are 5* better than 4*:
Isarnia/Magni > Grimm/Tibertus/Gormek
Vivica > Kiril (and most 4* healers)
And many more , I’m not going to write them all out.

You and I actually agree in the value of flexible use of many good 4-star heroes. It is my opinion, that the average player will make good use of 4s for a long time. But I also see from looking at players with great luck or large wallets that a 5 team made up of good heroes with complimentary skills, will in the end replace 4* substitutions.

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I can tell you that most of my maxed out 4* heroes are better than a maxed out Elkanen. Been playing this game for almost a year and I have exactly 3 5* heroes, a maxed out Elkanen, Khagan, and another Elkanen which I’m not going to level up at all. Actually most of the newer 5* heroes unbalance the game, like Elkhomes who can bring heroes back from the dead and regenerate health. If you don’t get those type of 5* heroes you are practically no match in PVP, unless you get a board that cascades like a mofo. But as I just won’t spend any more money on this game, I don’t expect it to get any better.

If you’re running a couple of TC20 s, you will eventually get some very good 5*. Lianna, Marjana, Azlar, Sartana, Joon, Vivica, Magni and Isarnia are all very solid, available for free.

Been running 1 for over 6 months or so, only got my 2nd Elkaben from it. The other two I think I got from random epic hero coins. The game isn’t really fun anymore, it’s actually pretty boring once you finish the story. They should have worked on a 2nd story instead of the war thing, but I get why they did that otherwise you wouldn’t use most of your heroes.

I’m concerned that a lot of people are pinning high hopes on season 2. Like a movie sequel, it may be fun—once. But season 1 is just farming fodder now. There is nothing “fun” about replaying 20-4, except when I figure out how to cripple myself (can I beat it with all green heroes?)

OTOH wars provide interesting challenges. Each player’s defense is a new puzzle to solve, and I never need to solve the same puzzle twice. And what heroes I have available might be limited by previous rounds of the war. So, I find wars to be a source of long-term interest. Player-created content, if you will.


I just don’t think the rewards are worth it and the power differences can make the war a real mismatch. I also don’t get max participation from my alliance. Even if chapter 2 is only okay, it’s at least a couple of weeks or months of different.

Rouse up your teammates! Wars cost nothing in terms of items or flags you would otherwise use, and guarantees prizes-occasionally good ones! Or find a new alliance that does wars better. They really can be a fun bonding experience for an alliance.

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Even matches in war are fun, but I’ve only had a few of those. Mostly either I crushed the other side or I got team wiped by concerted teamwork when there were seven or more opposing members so I couldn’t return the favor.

Actually, the latter cases were more fun. Making as high a score as possible in the face of inevitable defeat is actually a challenge. Unfortunately the numbers matching of the later updates has meant just crushing wins for me, so my interest is dropping.


What about the raids? Will they do anything with those because they really suck. You might as well be playing Russian roulette, One battle you’re unstoppable and the Next seems like you’re throwing water balloons

I use my revenges and hunt for Raid matches that offer high cups (and I don’t always win):


When I lose, I don’t lose a lot. When I win, I win an insane number of cups. (You can also be on the lookout for hams and/or iron if you need em.)

I don’t think raids are broken. I win about four in five, but I’m happy to reroll until I see a defense I’m able to have good odds against. Sure, sometimes you get garbage boards, but overall skill in selecting who to fight, who to bring to the fight, and how to run the boards gives the attacker a huge advantage.


I am too lazy. I use the same attacking team since February. I only sometimes reroll Guinevere Defense Teams. I can beat anybody with that team with an average board. Got me to 2600+ cups tops. Team power 3580+.

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Can you look into beening able to sell or auction off your summons heroes to others? Maybe even give them to people in your alliance to help improve your alliance?

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