Opinion on usernames and the world situation

There are many users in the game using the names (Coronavirus and Covid-19)
It would be nice if SG blocked the use of that type of name.


I agree. People are dying and I think it’s disrespectful


I agree they need to block it or pull the names one. Heck do both block and pull.

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I think such nicks are stupid, but there are lots of things to die from that are part of usernames.

How about other harmful words like killer or terror or ak47 or whatever violent\virulent terms?



Staff have had this discussion and agree that Coronavirus & Covid-19 related usernames are in poor taste.

If you find one/any, please screenshot it (including their alliance if it’s a player name) and send it to SGG support team:
How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)


Sometimes, in the face of horrible circumstances, people make light of serious things. Maybe they find humor in it? I can’t say I blame them, it’s at the forefront of many peoples mind, and this game is a distraction.


I totally agree with your point but in this case it’s taking advantage of a specific situation and lacks any humor. People are only doing for twisted humor. But then again it is free speech also. If you block one you need to block all and that’s a rabbit trail that’s dangerous to go down. :exploding_head:


YAY! Bring the Nanny-State for the Perpetually Offended to the Game! WTG! :+1: So helpful!

SGG Jumps on this band-wagon like a duck on a June-bug, but it completely ignores the issue of individual players being war-locked with 2+ alliances. Kudos to priorities.

BUT: Thanks for the small “gifts” during this time, SGG. Didn’t have 2 do it, so kudos. :revolving_hearts: Smart marketing too! :thinking:


Man I had to look this up. I’ve never heard this before. Are ducks natural predators of june-bugs?

I didn’t know that was an issue?! A more pressing priority? :woman_shrugging:

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PS: I am not in any way perpetually offended but this is just completely juvenile, insensitive, and immature.

Unfortunately there will always be those individuals who seek attention by such antics when a tragedy occurs. Too bad they can’t get it any other way.


Put on your big boy or girl pants and act like betters is my opinion. Or cry like children.


My first reply was supposed to be sarcasm but I guess it didn’t come across that way.:unamused:🤦!

Why don’t we all just :cold_face: ( chill ) & :man_dancing:.

I seen one once that was ISIS… I reported it with all of the hate and murder they have committed.


So, tattletails instead of being adults. I have been in games where people are allowed to be their lesser selves. The higher selves always outshine. But let’s tattle and force opinions on others. Whatever!

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I have to say, I am in total agreement with this decision.
However, in the 16 months that I have played this game, I have seen some awful names that have left a really bad taste
ie names linked to terrorism and Isis etc etc
ie names linked to body parts etc etc
But nothing was done … is this the start of a clean up operation


I don’t know but I just spent 10 minutes on YouTube watching videos about ducks.


My wife told me the Carolina Hurricanes are appalled that some would make light of a life threatening tragedy.

I’d get more info from her, but I when I had the flu a few weeks ago, she called it the Man Flu, so I taped her mouth shut.


Thank you very much! :+1:

Isis is also the name of an Egyptian goddess. My cat’s name is Isis!


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