Opinion on green ascension 5* heroes

Guys, I want your valuable help, those who mention which hero, to start level up!!
Species I have max the heroes
Now the options I have are the following:
-C Kadilen (two of them)
-Guardian Chameleon
-Morgan Le Fay
-Second Kingston!
To whom should I give priority ??
I am interested in wars and raids!

Yours sincerely!!

Zocc cuz its mana controller or heimdall if u need healer, i still use hansel everywhere, right now i have frigg to max up but after that zocc

Heimdall he is a great tank and a reviver. you have 2 fast snipers and Everlyn.


I use it everywhere and I’m glad to have him!On the other hand, I believe that Zock stands better than Hansel in wars.I would give everything to get Frigg!

Yes, i use frigg 3.70 at wars and its awesome, i was very lucky to pull her

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I’d ascend Heimdall. Then cKad, Chameleon, Zocc…

Another vote for Heimdall, easy. cKadilen and Morgan Le Fay are good also. Not so sure about Zocc. I think he depends more on your style of game play, and if you are having trouble with the last tiers of challenge events. That’s where the mana controllers come in handy. However, he hits only one, and therefore does not do mana control as well as the likes of Miki, Proteus or Hel, if you have them.

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Same here, Heimdall. You’ve got snipers and elemental defense down covered.


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