Opinion on Aeron?

Can’t help thinking he’s a bit meh… but that’s only ‘on paper’.

Interested in anecdotes about him being used in anger and how he stacks up against the other Heal Over Time heroes. He looks ‘interesting’, but struggling to know whether he’ll be worth the investment to take all the way.

If you have ares or albi then he’s probably not for you

Other than that he’s a very solid 5* healer


Has nice base stats for sure - probably good for titans. Spcial is a bit awkward. The only purple 5 healer if I’m not mistaken so it can be useful in some instances.The imunity to status alignements can be useful and the removal of status alignments could be nice as well in situations. The lementa link is ughh…?

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I got Aaron by chance today. Had no intentions of getting him but lucked out. I have alberich so the need for his just isn’t there for me. I will level him (no hurry) and see how he does. His mana is faster than alberich so he may be worth it just on that. A 5* healer with average mane gen is pretty good

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I was thinking about it today and I was wondering if 1) the elemental Link is a passive buff or do you have to fire his special to activate it and 2) if you have 2-5 Aerons on the same team does the Elemental Link stack?

  1. you have to fire it, it’s part of the special.
  2. I don’t believe so. People suggested this on beta, but it’s a static %.

Io ho aeron 62/80 È devo dire che non è affatto male è molto solido e molto utile contro Morgana Perseo natalya perché se parte il suo special prima del loro special lo neutralizza inoltre guarisce gli effetti negativi.
Per me molto utile con maestro lupus perché se fa partire lo special prima dell attacco di lupus neutralizza il suo -20% e lupus è un attaccante formidabile.


Useful reply - thanks @Seven74

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Got him to 80 on the alt now (apparently checking this forum is a bit of muscle memory which I need to detrain).

Is everything I wanted from him: as has been repeatedly mentioned if you have Alby no real need, though I would disagree with labeling Ares as a fantastic healer when we’re talking raid attack… and speaking of raid attack, the status effect immunity is gold.

Elemental link is just to make him a little more attractive against titans… I’m fine with the way it is, doesn’t really appear to take much out of the power budget.

Frankly one of the better purple 5*'s imo, but I think the majority of them not named Hel / Panther are lackluster (unless you don’t have any of the myriad of hitters in other colors in which case Sartana also is a good choice for general purpose) and Aeron brings a nice little piece of niche utility to purple.


I’ve gone against defensive teams with Aeron on them about a dozen times and other than his ability to prevent debuffs, it seems like he just sits around waiting for his turn to be killed.


Not certain anyone has claimed he’s great defensively; then again there aren’t that many heroes which truly are. Actually all the healers that are good defensively are because of other effects imo (Alby), much better off with the current raid mechanics to field defenders that can actually kill the other team.

I’m nowhere close to being able to build heroes for a niche outside of Titans and ostensibly AW on the alt, if the hero can’t fulfill multiple roles I just don’t build them… it’s only somewhat recently that I built Guinnie on the main even, and that’s the only defensive niche hero I have there.

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I am stupid excited about Arron. I don’t have him leveled enough to use in trophy raids yet, but I know I will love him. In the last week I have stated raiding in the top 10. My “secret” is running 3 of the same color. His heal is cool. The defense against specials is cool. I am dieing for sprit link. It has been poo poo’d in other posts. But with 3 heroes in purple it will add 15% to purple gem damage. I’m currently beating Guinevere on a regular basis, but dropping Sabina or Tiburtus for Arron will make her a “target of opportunity”.

I also like him for AW, which favors healers. So I will love him there also.

Don’t even get me started on Titan strikes. I fight with 4 purples… that means +20% damage. Woot!

On his own he is not all that. His power is how he works with the rest of your team. I think if him as “logistics” not “striker”. He will be a big force multiplier for my hero pool


I agree he is crud on the defense team. Sprit link is awesome, but you have to load up on purples to make it effective. A def team heavy on purple is ripe to kill with a yellow team. I see him as a attack only “support” hero.

Well, I am facing him more often on defensive teams and the prevention of debuffs is significant. I wouldn’t call him useless on defense. The Element link is just one of his abilities and mostly good for offensive teams. I agree that a primarily dark team would be destroyed on Defense.

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So how about a defense team of Panther, Aeron, Guin, Hel, Sartana?

You can try it and see.

Got 4 tabards in 6 months (including one today) so it will take me around. . . nevermind.

But there should be a few people who have all of them.

I’ve already faced a near maxed out Aeron in Raids.

1 element defence is much more for show and not really effective.

You can ask @Revelate for that :roll_eyes:

Maybe Sartana or other heroes are “better”. But for me Aeron is more interesting. So I’ll level him up.

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