Opinion of Best Team(Offense/Defense)

This might be a question more for the higher up players(not necessarily top 100) and I feel its completely subjective, buuuuut…
I am curious of peoples opinions and if you guys want you could add your explanation to your opinion. The question I have is…

What is the best 5 man team and position of each hero for attacking?

Same question but for Defense?

And if you would like to go the extra mile, best 6-5 hero teams(or 30 overall hero’s) for wars?

I don’t have an amazing team currently but I like the team amkeup currently. My best team(from left to right) consists of Alberish, Richard, Vivica, Colen(soon to be upgraded to Azlar), and Sabina(no upgrade in the works currently). The 5*'s are all varying in level but all are in 4th tier(4*'s are maxed). I am currently at about a team power of 3600.

So, lay it on me and Share your opinions!

Interesting that nobody has an opinion on this…

I can give you a list of what are some of the debatably best characters in my opinion:
-Ares, Gregorian, Alasie, Guinevere, Alberich, Hel, Marjana, Athena (previously), Sartana, & Joon

But I’ve also read ranking wise, at least according to Anchors Guide and other opinions I’ve seen out there, a lot of people also throw in:
-Gravemaker, Red Hood, Zeline, King Arthur, Magni, Guardian Panther, & Rana

I think the key in considering what’s best just overall lineup is the formula of:
-2 Healers, 2 Strong Attackers, 1 Buffer/Debuffer

So like lineup ideas:
-Gregorian, Magni, Ares, Alberich, Alasie
(Also gets the advantage of the elemental link bonuses)
-Alberich, Marjana, Guinevere, Magni, Sartana

I’m sure with the new Atlantis heroes they have to be considered and thrown somewhere in the mix too. I hope this helps get you somewhat closer to the answer you’re looking for or at least someone can elaborate further. If it means anything in retrospect, I’m level 37, most of buildings getting all close to 20 if not already, with: Magni, Elena, Thorne, Natalya, Gregorian, Perseus & Drake Fong as my 5* heroes, plus mostly every standard 4* hero for each color. Also, I’m consistently 2400+ trophies usually. I’m sure I’m forgetting plenty though when it comes to the best heroes. Other people’s opinions on the matter?

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thanks, for the post. I am around the same boat as you. just trying to get ideas from people and learn me some info cuz I am still learning plenty on the game, mostly the heros.


I found this spreadsheet through a forum on here. This is the link- it is extremely helpful in my opinion.

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