Opinion my New Defense

Good friends, I would like suggestions on my new defense team. After reading some topics I wanted to improve my defense because I am suffering from several invasions (my current team (Sabina, Sonya, Gormek, Hansel and Chao) from left to right.) I was recently awarded with Karshek, Boril and BT. (Sabina, BT, Karshek, Boril and Chao) is it that improves my defense? thank you to everyone

I’d do Boldtusk, Boril, Kasshrek, Chao, Hansel.

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Hansel in Chao’s place would not it be better to take advantage of Kash’s special defense-against-fire issue?

In some cases that would help, but more often you would be more vulnerable to fire heroes, since Kasshrek’s resistance won’t always be active.

I would suggest going with Chao, Sabina, Boldtusk, Hansel, Sonya in that order left to right. Considering the long game I would prefer having a Max Sonya rather than a max Boril. Kasshrek doesn’t do much besides being a center tank so I would rather max Hansel instead. I typically don’t like having a healer in the far right or left since they don’t seem to do much I’d prefer having the hitters protected and building mana back there instead. Eventually you’ll want to max Boldtusk since he is very useful, Gormek as well.

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