Opinion about this SETUP

Brienne is awesome because of her buff, and the Wabbit has the highest damage of any 3*. Nice turnout there!

Hi all again…
Today I got Boldtusk on TC 13 and Kelile, Little John and SkillSkull with token.
So now this is my team :
Wukong 4/60
Grimm 4/60
Sabina 4/60
Elena 2/60
Guardian Owl 2/10

I use G.Owl becouse I did not have any 4* green, and now I have two.
I did not ascend Elena to 3 becouse I have only 4 hidden blade, and I was waiting for a good red 4* hero.

What should I do?
Go all in with Boldtusk and ascend him with those 4 blades and replace Elena? And forget Kelile? She is not really good…
For green, should I level Little John and replace Guardian Owl?


Yup, that sounds like a solid plan :slight_smile:

@kerridoc do u agree? I know u have lot of knowledge

Yes, adding BT and LJ are good moves. Dropping Owl from your line is a string improvement—he’s not great, especially below max.

I’m a little concerned about the lack of offensive punch. Only two of the “line” heroes have attack specials. You’ll be relying on tile damage, which could be massive with BT, Wu and Grimm specials running and the very high attack stats of LJ and Grimm. But I’d be hunting for another quality single-target striker to use instead of Wu/Sabina/BT depending on the situation. Not urgent, but if you got Merlin or Lancelot this event, or Chao from regular pack, that’d be a nice option.

You’ll eventually want many heroes, for titans and alliance wars.

Kelile could be this Hero?
I also have Hu Tao

Wow reading your amazing rolls after another will surely make people die of envy. It took me months before i could even dream of gathering such strong heroes. Just set up and experiment and find the best team suited for you. That is the fun part ot the game.

Either could do, but they’re not the strongest option.