Opinion about this SETUP


This is my setup:

Grimm 4*
Wukong 4* (I earned him today)
Sabina 4*
Nashgar 3*
Isshtak 3*

I think I have a nice 4* heros, but I don´t know how Wukongs works. He is a buffer (+%DMG) but he alse decrease the accuraccy of my heros?? Is it worth?

Wukong is worth it, as long as you are smart about using him. His damage buff is much stronger than the damage you will lose to misses. But in general, try to use any direct damage special from other heroes before you use his special. While the DD specials will do crazy damage if they hit with Wukong’s buff, they are completely wasted if the miss chance strikes. This is especially critical with Grimm’s special; you REALLY want the -defense debuff to hit everything you are attacking before you unleash Wukong-buffed tile damage!

Also, don’t just use his buff when it’s not needed. If you can kill an enemy with a normal, unbuffed attack, just use the normal attack. No sense adding a miss chance to a guaranteed kill.


Wukung´s buff dmg affects also to gem´s dmg?

Yes, all +Att buffs, including Wk Kong’s, affect tile and special damage.

Wu is absolutely great on offense. I don’t like him on defense because the AI is stupid about timing his special around your other hero’s specials.

Up. More opinions? Should I reroll green?

I don’t have much to add on WuKong as I’ve just started to level him myself. Definitely consider rolling green, Isshtak is not the best 3* green.

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Yes, green is your weak spot. Once you plug that, upgrade red to 4*.

Hey! I have some news… I got Azar (3* red) and Brenne (3* green).

So my setup is…

Red: Nashgar, Azar
Green: Brenne, Isshtak, Carver
Blue:Grimm, Valen
Yellow:Wukong, Bane, Gan Ju
Purple: Sabina

What’s the weak point now? Red or green

Brienne is REALLY strong and good up through 7* or even higher titans if you protect her or use revive scrolls. I would focus on red next if you’re pulling heroes as they have the highest overall quality in their 4 * heroes.

You have a nice team getting built there, you have healer and dispeller (sabina), attack buff (Brienne and WuKong, which stack with each other), defense debuffer (Grimm). You also have a mix of good 3* single target fast hitters.

Sorry is Berden no Briennd

Sorry, I mean Berden not brienne

Berden’s a nice single target hitter. I"d still roll red before green because the red 4s are overall stronger than the green 4s.

If you get Brienne and WuKong’s specials going at the same time, you’re looking at a huge amount of tile damage. Keeping them both alive is the issue there.

Not luck… Third time I get Hawkmoon

Hi again. I got an epic summon at Mystic vision. I roll and I get ELENA! 5* RED.
ELENA (Nashgar)
WUKONG (Guardian Owl)

How about this setup now?

Stick with levelling Nashgar until or unless you have the resources to get Elena to at least 3/35. I tried her at 2/60 as opposed to the 3* heroes I had at the time, swapped back to the 3* chars and haven’t bothered levelling her further yet even yet. She’s not the greatest red 5*.
My experience is that you’re better off working up from 3* through 4* then on to 5* so you can develop the resource buildings you’ll need to support the expenditure required to level 5* heroes.
Of all my colors, reds are where I still have the least depth in leveled heroes, precisely because early on I threw everything I had into trying to level Elena before I could realistically do so.

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Nashgar is already 60/3.
I already swamped Nashgar with Elena. He es stronger. As u suggest, I’ll upgrade her to tier 3 and wait.

The next roll should be green, shouldn’t be?

If Berden is your best green hero, than yes.

I’ll save gems for the next events. And try to roll a better green there.

Hi again!
I did two rolls.
And I got Wabbit Red 3* and Brienne 3* Green.
Lucky or not?
I have already Berden 3* Green.
Nashgar, Azar and Hawkmoon 3* Red.

Are the new one better?