Opening Chests - Discussion

I’ve been noting slightly better chests of late (including my happy Rare Wanted chest from yesterday). What is your criteria? Do you realize your posts sound uniformly negative? :grin:

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Chests are quite disappointing, but occasinally miracles happen :slight_smile:

But still want to know what happened to flasks

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You got it right. Getting something decent is now a miracle. If you have 2 of the same colour 5*.
Then you’ll be waiting till the day of judgement to fully ascend them.
Alliance Wars requires 30 heroes, where the hell are we going to get ascenions for even half of them. Does SG expect it’s players to play until they are 680yrs old?


Yes, I have also noticed that it is quite rare to get something decent nowadays. I do accelerate my chests, mainly for the food and iron.

I did get a hidden blade for a B on the titan today. Nice!

I personally will no longer strive for anything special but settle comfortably somewhere in the upper third of my alliance, with regard to titan and cups.

B on a 9* and 10* titan gives the same chance of items or junk as spending a lot of items for A or A+.

And comfortably settling in the platinum range in cups, filling my chest, gives only slightly less food and iron than diamond and the same kind of junk.

Striving for excellence in anything is not rewarded in this game.

I personally have achieved everything that I wanted to achieve in this game (decent titan damage and now over 4000 team power), and now I will just take it easy, settle comfortably in the upper third of my alliance, and leave the striving and the effort to those who still enjoy it. I have done enough, now let others “pull the cart”.

Oh and I do agree that decent items have become rare. No idea how newer players do it.


We always want more than we have. :smile:

Today I got a Hidden blade from a monster chest. Last week I got another one as an AW loot.
I have to admit that it is a good frequency.

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Let me just say that…

I think it doesn’t really matter :slight_smile:

Because honestly you’re wanting ascension materials and better rewards to what … speed more towards the end game?

Unless you’re gonna drop a load of cash, farming ascension mats (slowly) probably is your mid-end game.

If you’re frustrated by this… welcome to Mobile Gaming 2018 :slight_smile:

(I got an epic hero token from a random monster chest yesterday. Sure it turned into my third Hawkmoon, but I still can’t find it in my heart to be upset with reward chests right now)

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Key words… “Right now”… Give it time.


Yes. :slight_smile: Kind of it. Generally in this life wharever you do moves you towards the end. But it is not a reason for not doing. :wink: Except you reach high skills in Buddhism with there active not acting.

Are you sad you got ignored?

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Duaneski… You listen to me right now!
“I love your avatar. Nice work”.

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I got rings from my regular chest the other day. Just have some patience guys. No sense in getting mad about sometime that you can fill three times a day.

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zero2hero wants everything right now and doesn’t like any aspect of the game.

Tail wagging, bone fetching lapdog, begins personal assault.


Back to topic! :grin:

Ummmm… Ok :thinking:

the topic as i read it is " the chest should have what i want everytime and they dont so everyone should just quit trying"

I thought the topic was “the Devs suck, the game sucks, I’m looking elsewhere, if you don’t agree you must be a mindless zombie under the control of SG”…

Did I misread? :roll_eyes:

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Oh i see it now. My bad :sunglasses:

You see folks even a moderator joins in on the personal attacks after msging to stay on topic.

Enter SG cheerleaders,
“attack anyone who posts a negative”
“Make em feel like dirt for doing it”
"Nothing to see here folks, just keep playing the game & don’t ask questions "


Really? I think if you read the first post, you’ll find that you engaged in attacks on anyone who disagrees with you.

Not to mention attacks on the people who make the game.

My initial impulse In such cases is to close the thread.

EDIT: I suspect this thread will go downhill from here with ad hominem attacks. Please prove me wrong.