Opening Chests - Discussion

I have noticed that the so called “rewards” from the chests have gotten worse than they were before. I didn’t think that could be possible.

Opening a monster, raid, Titan or an AW “victory” chest should be a cause for some joy. But instead all you get is a continuous line of junk making chest opening an undesirable experience & a complete waste of time. Even the elemental chests are now uninteresting.

There are players using gems to open more chests only to realize they have been ripped off again & again & that it’s not worth it any more.

It seems as though the little joy that’s left in the game is being squeezed out gradually.

C’mon SG, People play this game for entertainment purposes not disappointment.

My alliance is already looking for another game to play as a group, this one is starting to suck real bad.

PS: I now await the SG/RNG cheer leaders to give me their default cut & paste answers.
independents are always very welcome even if you disagree.


I got a compass and sturdy shield out of my nature chest this week, and a tome of tactics and epic troop token from a single platinum raid chest as well. Good chests do happen. Occasionally.
That being said, while the elemental chest really was about typical in my recent experience, the raid, monster and titan chests aren’t usually particularly memorable or even interesting.


Yes Paulon you are right, a good chest does come. But the long streaks of garbage on all chest fronts just flatten the joy of acquiring one in the first place.
Congratulations on those pick ups by the way.


I tracking right now how many ascension items i get for free in 1 month.
I can say for now that i’m at 12 days and 28 ascension items.

I suggest you to do the same, you can see a different point of view.


That’s a good haul. You’ve done really well for yourself. But it’s like someone getting 3 heroes of the month for just a few tries & others getting all 3* heroes for every gem they have in stock.
I’m happy you got so much, but it’s not the norm.
If you’re mercing that’s different again.

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Do you mean not farmable items?

Indeed i mercing and indeed i speeding up my wanted chest at max. For me is a win-win situation.
I know it’s not something that all the people do, but you must know that if you want the game provide you with plenty of stuff if you play in a different way.

Yes @SuuriKoira , all unfarmable.
3* ×25 and 4* x3

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just to add some more data, my 7dd account has 22 free (i.e. not purchased) un-farmables in April so far (4x4* rest 3*). My alt has 16 (2 x4 star, rest 3 star).

That includes all the different non-paid sources (monster chest, mystic vision, raid chest platinum and diamond, rare quest, elemental quest, april easter event, titan loot, titan chest). Across both accounts, I’ve gotten an un-farmable in all of those sources at least once.

From just the regular chests (monster, raid, titan), my accounts have gotten 3-5 unfarmables a month each account for months now.

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Yep, thats even the “psychological” part to take in consideration.
Even not mercing or skipping less the wanted chest, still we get a good amount per month from the various source of the game.

If you don’t take note of them, they seems much less that what you thought, 'cause we tend to forget them easily soon after in favor of some bad chest.

For example, i’m gladly surprised by my 4* ascension items drop rate for now.
So surprised that i guess i keep tracking for another month to see if it was merely a coincidence.

LOL don’t tell me that you get a good chunk of that loot from skipping monster chests

If you do then I’m very curious how much you skip per day

I’m with ya. I admit my passion for the game is waning. I’ve always felt the rewards have been lame. I get SG wants to make money but!?! Although I do get that it is a fine line between creating a competitive environment and just plain frustrating your players. Can’t be easy but lately it appears to be the latter. Dangerous territory for SG indeed.


if you’re asking me, i do minimal skipping - generally 1-3 gems and only if it lines up with my flags recharging.

I alternate skipping raid and monster chest.
2 from raid chest, 1 from monster chest and other 2 from elemental.

Not great, but good for 12 days.

I also suggest you track. When i started tracking my ascension items in March I thought I was just starting out lucky. Turns out items trickle in from lots of different sources continually.

Starting on the 1st of April until now I’m at 36 unfarmable, unpurchased rare or epic ascension items. Earned from doing everything I can including the challenge events, Titans, rare quests, wanted chests (maybe skip 1 a day or none at all), mystic vision, and Alliance Wars.

In April, specifically for the wanted chests I am 2 from monster, 2 from raid, 1 from Titan chest, and 4 from elemental.

These chests are only a portion of the game. Seeing as filling these chests can be done by anyone at any level ( granted there is less loot from raid chest the lower your tier) I don’t think it’s way out of whack. They will come in from other sources too provided the effort.


My mom used to say: “life is like a summoning gate or a chest from the Empires & Puzzles, you never know that you’re going to get” :smiley:

Yes, this message may have some movie reference in it :slight_smile:


“Life is like a summoning gate or a chest from E&P, always expect the worst and you will succeed 80% of the time”



I just finished Fire chest and I got Mysterious Tonic, Hidden Blade + garbage. 3 summon tokens + 30 gems is not good. I remember a few months back when I wasn’t speeding up my chest yet, I got good stuff from the elemental.

Also filled up the regular Monster Chest and got 11k food, 5k iron and 1x gem :joy:


Dude don’t say those things here. I need just one tonic for Lianna and one blade for Falcon. You just happened to get my chest loot, give it back!


Did you just say you got 1xMysterious, 1xHidden Blade, and still complain about the quality of your elemental chest? Not sure I understood you corrently haha


What I have been missing of late are flasks. Used t get some, mainly world energy and raid, but now it has been months since I got one in a chest. Is it an extra roll or what?

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