🌞 (OPEN) The Helios Family of Alliances wants YOU


HELIOS—Competitive Alliance
-4000+ TP
-11/12* Titans
-2400+ cups (cup dropping allowed)
-War optional but preferred. Must use all flags if opted-in
-30+ War ready/serviceable heroes
-18+, International players, English preferred language in chat
-Contact @PeachyKeen (justf*ckenpeachy {replace the * with a u}), @Munch (Munch.76), @Cvs
(c2vs) here or on (Line)

(HELIOS) EOS---Laidback Training Alliance
-No TP requirement
-7/8* Titans
-1600+ cups (cup dropping allowed)
-War optional. Must use all flags if opted-in
-18+, International players, English preferred language in chat
-Contact @Munch (Munch.76) here or on (Line)

HELIOS INN---Lower Level Open Alliance
-No TP requirement
-5/6* Titans
-No cup requirements
-War optional. Must use all flags if opted-in
-Generally family-friendly, International players, English preferred language in chat
-Contact Sirfuzzynipple on Line

Helios Testimonials from the Forum


“Helios is by far the best Alliance in the game. Considering we give them better pulls, more mats, and preferential treatment for raids, it’s shocking that more players aren’t breaking down their doors. I guess they are just the best kept secret of E&P” @petri …Probably. (please don’t ban me for this)

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Helios on the Leaderboard



Meet Helios


  • Our Fearless leader
  • Loves long walks on the beach, sitting by the fireside drinking bourbon, and WHEN YOU USE YOUR FLAGS EARLY, OFTEN, AND HIT THE TITAN HELLA HARD
  • Hates that line of dust that remains when you sweep rubbish into a dustpan, well-done steak, and alliance drama
  • E&P Veteran, crazy deep bench, lover of Cheshire Cat, and smasher of titans and war
  • PK is funny, PK is smart, and PK just promoted me to co-leader so hold off on the brown-nosing comments and let me fluff his ego for a minute will ya.


  • Leader at EOS (our training alliance) and Helios Co-leader
  • Used to have 400+ days at Helios before his kid managed to boot him from the ranks. We laughed. He cried.
  • Loves recruiting in AR/PS (we are indebted to him for this), rubbing elbows with our favorite Mercs/vacationing friends (looking at you @Razor, @DoomMuffin, @BarryWuzHere, zippo, @MoNo, etc.) and not pulling event heroes
  • Hates @Cvs’s luck with event heroes. In fact, we have all stopped telling Munch about our pulls. its just better that way.
  • All around nice guy, ready to teach, and loves growing Helios


  • Helios Co-leader
  • DEMOLISHES titans on the regular. Swapka’s our own little murder muffin.
  • Loves shooting hoops (Second only to dropping bombs on titans), Helios raid parties, and keeping the energy up at Helios
  • Hates bad titan boards and the fact that you haven’t joined Helios yet. Like, what are you even waiting for?
  • Did I mention that Swapka murders titans?


  • Helios Co-leader
  • Absolute Raid, War, and Titan Juggernaut
  • Loves being an all-around BAMF, sneaking in under the radar and knocking me out of A loot, holding it down for the west side, and keeping after-hours chat LIT (is that what the kids are saying these days?)
  • Hates poor team synergy, people who don’t right-size their processes, inefficient corporate structure…wait, that’s his LinkedIn… Just join Helios and hit the $#%& titan already!!! Dont make the Bigb (Big Boss, obvi) fire you.
  • Finds himself in the top 100 more often than Ray Charles finds himself in the drink while playing hole 17 at the TPC Sawgrass…



  • Helios Co-Leader and War General
  • By night he works as a mack truck driver in Chicago. By day he is a jet setting, wanderlust having titan crushing/war thrashing sensation
  • Loves long walks on the Atlantis beach, wintering at the Dark Lord’s place in Hades, and chasing after his one true love, Gil Ra.
  • Hates that @Cvs refuses to use Wu, wasted titan flag spawn time, and cooking.


  • Helios Co-leader
  • Not allowed to leave Helios since he is @Munch’s reminder for exactly how long he was at Helios…before his kid booted him
  • Loves teaching/molding the minds of the future and making his students watch pointless videos when he needs to get his titan hits in.
  • Hates BaD GraaMMER ND SPLING, slang, and when those darn kids sag theeyre pantaloons

The Whiskey 2 the D

  • Helios Co-leader
  • Literally been at Helios/playing E&P forever. Like forever.
  • You know how you have that drunk uncle that rambles a lot, occasionally makes you uncomfortable, but is a good guy at heart…see you already know Whiskey
  • Loves rambling for several hours straight in-game chat to no one in particular, putting up impressive scores, and keeping chat…interesting
  • Hates draconian and puritanical laws, overreaching authority, and his dogs that seem to spend more time breaking out of his yard then actually staying home.


  • Helios Co-Leader
  • Helios young blood, tasked with making the rest of the team look good for recruiting…but given zero direction, so…we had some fun.
  • Loves when all his kids are sleeping at the same time, pulling heroes he has no mats for, punching above his weight class, and falling woefully behind on his buildings causing him little mini panic attacks every time an update gets pushed out.
  • Hates loud chewers, in-game bragging that isn’t backed up with results, and data.


Please pardon our dust and constant bumps while we edit and revamp our recruiting thread.

Nice of you to stop by thought. Why don’t you stay awhile? Kick back, have a drink, and enjoy a rare titan steak or the spoils of war victory?

All three of Family Alliances currently have room available and we are looking for a few fine folks to join our ranks.


Looking forward to the descriptions!

Work it @Cvs!


There you go, Fabs! Grab some wine and have a laugh.


A few of our long time members will be headed back into the top 100 after vacationing with us for a few weeks.

That means…


Hey you!

Yes you.

Like killing 11-12* titans?

Enjoy turning the war field red?

Then get your butt over to Helios.

Chat with us on line or here if you have any questions!

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Helios is coming off a big war win (100% participation besides the member that ghosted and left), expecting a rare 12* titan, and is looking for a few brave souls that want to help up climb the last few levels to break Into the top 200 (then 100).

If you are a serious player, use all your flags (war and titan), and are looking for a great alliance that balances fun with winning, join us at HELIOS!


That was a tough war. Field aid really drags a score down. Our defense coordination really gets the credit this time

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Sure was, but 100% participation, team work, and just being generally amazing brought it home.

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Awesome MEET HELIOS! Didn’t even know you could do the hide/show thing you got going on here! That’s freelin kill. Great visiting with you guys - TOP NOTCH group and a hella lot of fun. PK one of my FAVS ever on the FORUM! CC!!!

Catchya soon @CvS - like the D-Blade avatar man! RaZ


Ha ha I’m just now realizing this is a recruiting effort @CVS lol. And a dang good one!



Helios 11/12* titan alliance have a spot? @PeachyKeen @Cvs

May have someone lookin

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absolutely! send them our way… and thanks!

I passed along the info, np

If you want any info from me, u got my Line

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Thanks, @Rigs. Not sure we are connect on line, but my tag is in the OP

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Line id: jrigs

20 char

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â– â– â–  is going on here? Rigs is going Helios? Helios is going Crew?



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