Open letter to SG: If you want my $$

THE REASON FOR THIS THREAD…is to raise this issue and provide a place for veteran players to offer SG things they would need to see to continue justifying expenditures.

My main idea for SG is to allow me to pick the featured heroes for Atlantis. Otherwise I’ll never do a pull in AR again. It just doesn’t make sense.

Second, I’d do the same for Costume and Tavern…for the same reason. All I get are dupes now so there’s no point.

Third, the featured offers for gems are useless for veterans. There should be a forth option that emphasizes more consistent availability of things that matter to mature rosters, like loot tix, shards, and epic mats.

Fourth, create a Way for me to trade 5* dupe heroes for shards.

SG, you’re doing a great job, but I fear my time with the game is nearing an end if the game lifecycle isn’t extended.

Anyone else?


First, I can’t consider you as a veteran on this game since you only have played almost the same time as me. But I would consider you as an advanced player unless you are level 80 and above and have a total of 50 maxed legendaries.

Second, that’s a tall order. It’s like a slingshot to the moon. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly hope Small Giant listens to you and grants your requests but you are forgetting our history and experience here and the players’ angsts for several months and years: SG DOESN’T ALWAYS LISTEN AND THEY ALWAYS DON’T CARE.

Third. If you haven’t noticed, they have already overhauled the Alchemy Lab which is far better than its initial release in the game. And unlike 2 years before, we don’t have AL, much less the alkashards. Now, a lot of players have been farming AL for the shards in order to get epic ascension mats, if lucky, or the emblems. Loot tickets have always been available either in bulk when you buy it or in drips from chests and various rewards.

And lastly, if you bid adieu because Small Giants didn’t listen to you, i hope you well and have a good experience in your next adventures.

I’m 3 years in the game, not be a lv 80 and don’t have 50 maxed legendaries.

I play regulary everyday and waste little energy, filling 4 chest a day (5 with titans)

Your argument is invalid.



First, I consider veteran players those who have played the game for at least 3 years.

Second, even if you played for less than that amount of time, as long as you have at least that amount of legendary hero maxed and is approximately level 80, I consider those players as a veteran for being very drawn to the game that he/she is willing to grind to get to that level.

That is my opinion, and I am entitled to it. Where did my argument went invalid? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

Player level is a good meter to decide that, but not mandatory.

A veteran by definition is someone with lots of practice experience.
But a whale that spend a lot of refills in AR can easily get much more levels then a F2P much longer in the game.

So level is equivalent of veteran?

Answer: not necessary.

If i was a whale, by now i probably hit (and maybe surpassed) lv 100.

So, for me a “veteran” is a player very long and active in the game, regardless of level.


Alright. That’s your opinion and I respect that. Nothing to lose on my side.

Just curious though, what player level are you currently in your main account?

My main is actually at lv. 76.

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Good to know. I just hit level 68. :+1:

Your opinion on whether I’m a veteran is irrelevant. The point is that when a player reaches a full roster there is less value is spending on summons. That’s mathematically provable.

I don’t understand your response at all. My post was intended to draw our recommendations for making the game more interesting for people who have played a long time. All you want to do, apparently, is judge other players. :lol: whatever.

Second, I know SG doesn’t always care but if here’s enough support of the perspective I shared, then they might.

I was complimentary to SG in my post. They’ve created a great game. I wasn’t complaining. I was simply offering a perspective for them to consider. If I get bored of the game and quit, lll find something else to do with that time. Not a huge deal.

Loosen up, friend. Don’t take this stuff so seriously.


For me it does. You will have to give credit where credit is due. Those who have played approximately a year ahead of us are the ones deserving to be called veterans. They are the pioneers. Some of them already quit. Others still persists and continues to be the guiding light in the game, in the community and in the forum. They have contributed so much that we have still a long way to go to be at their level.

I find this funny. If you have a full roster of heroes already, then why in the world would you summon still? Even a kid knows not to fill up the glass with water when it is already full. And you don’t need mathematics to prove that.

No you are not. Based on your first post, it is quite selfish in fact:

No I am not. Why would I judge you? I have just reacted on your post.

And based on your original post, it is like you are a child throwing tantrums if you dont get what you want. Yeah, right. Maybe it rubbed me on the wrong side when you explicitly requested for yourself alone to pick which featured nero in Atlantis to obtain.

At any rate, good luck to your request.

It is also a case of diminishing returns for SG. Do they focus on the veteran players who already have the majority of what is available in the game and want to target their further expenditures on what they are missing (thus inevitably reducing what they spend) or do they target the new players who are missing the majority of what is available in the game and will inevitably spend more than the veterans to get it?

As for “veteran” that is all relative. I am a veteran compared to the players who have been playing less than a year but I certainly don’t consider myself such. I still have things to learn about the game.

On a business perspective, they would be inclined to cater those belonging to the newer players than those who have played for at least 2 years. Veteran players may even hesitate quiting as they have put up too much time, effort and resources in the game that it’s an investment already. They are also tied to the friends, new and old, from their alliance and others. And even if they quit, some returned.

As to your categorization of veteran players, I do respect that. My idea is already posted above. And learning is a continuous process BTW. It doean’t stop.

You make no sense. It’s not worth engaging you any longer. You’re just interested in arguing when there is no debate to had.

Pointless. Goodbye.


The game is forty months old. If your understanding of a veteran player is someone who has played for at least ninety percent of the game’s lifetime, then you will not find anyone else on the forum that agrees with your opinion, and you will find it difficult to engage in meaningful conversation on that point.


This game somewhat echoes real life.

You work your ar$e off for 40 years and you are paying a lot into the tax system, the property market and the economy as a whole. By the time we have reached retirement age we should own our house and be content in it, our incomes will severally reduce and suddenly I’m not pumping the cash in like I was.

So you should get respect for all you’ve done but it the new generation that will be pumping in the cash now…I’ve done all that, it’s not my responsibility anymore.

Much like this. If you are 3 years in you should by now have all you need. Spending will naturally decrease and SGG will start to pay less attention to you. There’s a sparkly new generation playing now and that’s where the cash is.

So Vets will get some new stuff to build but basically you job is to sit in your rocking chair and tell the newbs they don’t know how good they’ve got it etc etc etc

That’s right. We had to trudge 20 miles uphill, both ways, just to summon a Thoth-Amun. Kids today just don’t know how good they have it. HEY you kids, get off my lawn (with apologies to @PapaHeavy) !

But seriously, once you reach the point of diminishing returns you are really at the endgame of E&P. Then you either just relax and enjoy the endless cycle of raiding and wars and titans or you move on to something else.


Dear SG,

Stop being bad human beings and do the right thing by the human people afflicted by your casino.


P.s. can you imagine how much restraint it took me to write that so cordially?! :rofl:


Agreed. I wish they’d listen and do something to assist players who wish to progress and would spend …more…money if the chances of actually getting something I want or would like was more likely then the summer here in England being hot!

I’ve given summoning on basically everything except Valhalla. I’m fed up of doing an event 10 pull to not get a single event hero…or at best a 3 star…which is always a dupe.

I dint want to pay for my 5th skittkeskull, boldtusk, Grimm etc etc in a supposed event summons.


SG knows every player has an “end of gameplay” expiration date. A date that means the desire to continue building heroes, chase new heroes, etc, comes to an end. With that said, SG has little interest in addressing concerns of long time players whose spending habits diminish.

They are not bad human beings, they are running a multi million dollar business. And, to be honest, I’d say they have been quite successful.