Open Enrollment at Bandersnatch & Jabberwock Alliances!

OPEN ENROLLMENT! Cups dropped 25% below per member average, to fill up fast!

Both alliances were recently Balanced out, And we are looking to get recharged for the summer! Both Alliances share the same discord server and we are a group of 50 active daily players. We have players across 19 time-zones and are a very chatty group so expect good conversation while playing the game.

Bandersnatch - Is our top alliance, 115k alliance score 24 / 30 members. hits 9* and 10* Titans.
Jabberwock - Is our training alliance, 82k alliance score 23 / 30 members. hits 7* and 8 * Titans.

Both Alliances :
War: Optional. Using all flags if participating is expectations. Both alliances use war strategy, Working together as a team is a must!
Titan: Daily Activity Measured.

Bandersnatch - 1600 Trophies, war defense of 3400+ , 30 hero’s of 400 power.
Jabberwock - 1000 Trophies, War Defense of 2500 power.


Bumpitty Bump! We are a great crew - Come check us out!

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