Open 3 chests today, didn't receive any item

I open this morning all 3 chests, then I check my inventory none of the items (ascending materials, gems, tokens) from the chests was registered in my inventory.
Please give me back mai items or the opportunity to open the chests again.

P.s. as as allowance pls send me the HoM.

Welcome to the forum.

Double check your Activity Log in the options/support tab.

If there’s still nothing, submit a support ticket for technical help :upside_down_face:


Hello , Jonah,

As I mentioned before. I check my inventory and I didn’t see any new items in my inventory.

Thank you!

Hello, Jonah,

As I mentioned. I didn’t see any new items in my inventory even from activity log. In the activity log it didn’t provide half of items that I earned from the chests.

Thank you

Thats a bummer!

Sometimes they will take a while to register. As others have mentioned, check your activity log, restart the game, and then check the log again.

It is also worth noting, that unless you recieved 3*/4* mats or items, NEW 1/2*mats or items, Troops, Emblems, etc; they wont actually show up.


This will never ever happen.

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Well, your activity log shows that you got items from three chests. The items there look pretty consistent with chest rewards, it doesn’t show 1 and 2* items, so you might have got herbs, swords etc as well.

But if you’re sure you got items that aren’t recorded, you need to submit a support ticket, the forum staff can’t look into game accounts :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, guys, for support. Next time I will make screenshots before the opened chests and after.
Have a nice day!

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