Opal and Onyx


Hey guys, I’m new to the forums so if this is annoying I apologize. I’ve started an alliance with the intent of finding active players for titan battles. I’m an active player and play daily currently sitting at 1935 in trophies. Please consider and let’s be awesome (^_-)


Deku, this thread is for recruiting so don’t apologze for using it appropriately. :joy:

What I would suggest is beefing up your request to make it something that someone would want to join. Not just a “I’m lonely and want some E&P friends.”

Look at some other posts in recruitment and find one that you’d be interested in joining. Then model your announcement after it. Put your own flare to it. Tell them what the Alliance is about. What the goals are for the Alliance. What type of players you are looking for (experienced/noob/anyone).

To maximize your visibility, you really need to be active in the chats. Have a recruitment add typed up in another program, like notes for iOS, and copy and past it every now and then in the recruitment channel. Be visible in the GC. Say hello and people will chat w/ you. If someone has a question, be helpful and answer it the best you can. You’ll create a name for yourself and people will want to join with you.

Honestly though, my impression is that you are just looking for some good peeps to play w/. For every good alliance out there, there’s probably 10 that don’t talk, are filled w/ drama or have some other failing. If you just want to play w/ good peeps, I’d suggest seeing if @Rook has an opening w/ her Misfit Toys or if @Avicious has an opening in one of Seven Days 18 alliances. :joy::joy::joy:

Good luck!!!


I love your advice for alliance visibility JonSnow! Good stuff!

I suspect the OP will make a go of it. I know Misfit Toys is full right now, but 7DD just opened a new alliance If OP is interested. Contact Avicious (put an @ before his name, touching it). Good luck!!


Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah I’m just trying to play with some cool people who are active. I’ll probably look into joining an alliance lol