Oops missed that. Makes sense cheers [Hatter missing a target due to Ranvir]

I was trying the last lvl of the trial of fortitude. I brought the hatter with me. Upon meeting bosses the battle ensued. Once the hatter was full mana I used on horgall as boril had fired giving himself and vivica counterattack. I thought the hatters skill would take both counterattacks. It did not. How did vivica keep hers


Your effect missed her due to Ranvir’s skill.


Did you use Ranvir before or after?


I can understand the hit missing. But hatters skill states that he will steal ALL talents? Seems wrong that it can miss.

Not really. He’s not resitant to blindness/misses or anything.

If he had not missed Vivica, probably he would have been dead. Apparently you had fired Ranvir earlier, so he contributed to the miss.

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