Onyx or zulag better hero for level up

I have 6 tambards and i have only mok arr level up. Onyx or zulag is better hero. Heal i have vivica costume alberich. Sniper lianna. Other purple heros i have is proteus costume rigard and triburtus costume

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Do you have a good tank? If not, I would level then both without using tabards until you have another 5* of every color. If you still have no tank, I’d ascend Zulag to be your tank. If you draw another tank, I’d go for Onyx. I prefer Onyx and Zulag’s not the best tank ever made, but she looks like she can do the job and it is nice having a tough front-liner for defense in wars.

Edit–Further thoughts: I am a fan of Onyx. Zulag, not so much. I’m not the best judge of heroes, though, which is one reason my suggestion is more role-based than quality-based. Given more time, their quality can become more clear.

I’m also extraordinarily patient in this game, so waiting & waiting is no real issue for me. Again, I’d likely level & use Onyx before deciding. If you love him, go with it. I’d then do that with Zulag, too. However–I expect she’d do much better in defense than offense. Even if she’s good, I couldn’t see her being very exciting to actively use in offense because she doesn’t affect her entire team. But you should still get a grasp for her power and just how effective she is.

I’d say Onyx personally

Don’t see Zulag being all that helpful - with the cover only being on 3 - other than defensively [as tank] and even there, she’s passive… (so not great unless she’s your best option). & Even if she is your best option for tank, maxing her solely for that doesn’t seem worth it (imo); she’s far from being the best tank, and defense is the least important part of the game to plan for.


In my honest opinion, Onyx before Zulag.
I don’t see a lot of good press about Zulag. Her special needs to cove 5 rather than just 3
She needs a Buff


Lets first ask the buff to Aeron prior to Zulag. Zulag still is more useful compare to Aeron


Zulag is 5* kashhrek. U will only use her for certain time and bench her for most of the time


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