Only one pair of gloves so who would you ascend first?

  • Cpt Sargasso
  • Proteus
  • Rigard
  • Tiburtus
  • Kashhrek
  • Caedmon
  • Melendor
  • Triton

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Feel free to elaborate on your choice…



Proteus without a doubt, essential for events

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Who do you have maxed already?

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Long list - Seshat, Vivica, HuTao, WuKong, Kiril, Grimm, Agwe, Boril, Wilbur, Colen, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Gormek, Gadeirus, Little John.

None dispel the whole team… I’d go Caedmon.

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Given that team, things I would prioritize:

  1. a dispeller - caedmon - fast sniper with dispel - too many events and raids require a dispeller to not have one
  2. Proteus - game changer for mana control in events - will help you get many more gloves!
  3. Tibs - I love me some ramming pulverizers - still use them for titan hits.

As already said, you’re lacking dispel… Seshat gives it locally but not full-team.

Down the list…

  • Sargasso. He’s not all that amazing fullstop, but on third tier he’s not going to do very much for you. Pass.
  • Proteus. Amazing 4*, excellent on events, maps and raid attack. Definite option.
  • Rigard. One of the best 4* healers, but you’ve got a few healers already… You wouldn’t be going wrong doing him, but you can manage without. Option, probably pass.
  • Tibertus. You already have Grimm and Gormek done… Love ramming pulverisers, but you don’t need another one just yet. Pass.
  • Kashhrek… Great midtier tank, but you have the other great midtier tank, Boril. Pass.
  • Caed. Useful sniper, full enemy dispel. Real option.
  • Mel. Full enemy dispel, good tile damage… But another healer, an option but I think Caed would be more useful unless you have costume also.
  • Triton. One of my favourites in 4*, especially with Kiril or BT (you have both!) - pick your firing order and either Kiril or BT boosts Tritons already healthy hits, or Triton turns Kiril or BT into a serious healer. Flexible synergy, yum.

Tough one…
I love Triton, Kiril and Grimm as part of a 3-2 unit, it’s got flexibility and serious punch.
Proteus is an event machine, one of the very best 4*
Caed is really useful and definitely one of the essentials on your 4* roster.

For me, it’d be between Proteus, Caed and Triton.

How do you play?
What sounds most appealing here, to you?


Very thorough!! And I agree… triton is awesome.


Thanks a lot for your time and effort guys! Looks like Proteus is way to go :smiley:

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Between the three I mentioned you can’t go wrong, you’d love Proteus he’s a gamechanger.

I use him all the time and I love his special coz it’s unique and he was my first choice so I’m glad he’s a winner in this poll :slight_smile:

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I put Rigard. Only because I don’t know if you have another maxed healer. If you do, Proteus.

Yep, Vivica, Boldtusk and Kiril fully maxed, thanx :slight_smile:

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Lord Fishface himself, Proteus without question. As he is the only one at current who is most readily available with mana stop. And once you get another pair, do Rigard.

I’m not saying proteus isn’t a great choice… but looking at what’s already maxed, another average mana hero just doesn’t seem like the best (first) option. :woman_shrugging:

Proteus! He’s just too good!! Caedmon or Rigard after always good to have a dispeller or a cleanser

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Alrighty then! Winner without a doubt is PROTEUS! Next in line are Rigard and Caedmon. Thanks a lot guys!

Don’t neglect Triton…

You’ll want to use 3-2 stacks in raid attacks, it allows you to punch above your weight and attack teams with nice high cup gains and low losses (which means less losses on revenge).

Triton with Kiril and Grimm gives a really flexible attacking stack… Pack in Seshat for punch and dispel and Proteus for mana control and you’ve got a great attacking unit - then you can start playing with different combos around it.


I like Triton very much. I expected more than 3% in this poll…

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Everyone knows Proteus is great, I’m not surprised he ran away with it…
Triton’s easier to overlook - he’s no less rare, but he comes into his own with the right teammates around him.

Rigard is a great healer and that cleanse is great (but Vivica has it too, albeit in slow)… But Triton turns your Kiril or Boldtusk from a minor healer and buffer into a much more serious healer - but only if you need it, if you’re flying high you can use them to buff Tritons hits and he’s got real punch behind him already.

With your deck, I’d probably be doing Proteus first and Triton second… But that’s me.

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