Only one hero 5* for almos one year of hard playing

I am just want to clarify is it OK to get only one hero of 5* for almos one yeat of hard playing?

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It depends on:

  • if you are running tc20, how many and how often
  • if you save your gems for elemental or Atlantis summons (slightly better odds than epic hero summons)
  • if you complete seasonal and challenge events with guaranteed epic hero tokens
  • if you hit high level titans that give more chances of loot
  • if you are able to achieve high placement in tournaments
  • how much money you spend on gems

If you are doing as much as this as possible (difficult with few 5* I agree) and still got only one 5* it would be unusual but not impossible.

If you’re not maximizing your options and play casually, which is perfectly reasonable, it wouldn’t surprise me that you don’t have many 5*.


It is uncommon. even if u f2p, at least u should get minimum 3 or 4 five star if u are hard player. I bet ur account is cursed

I think the only reason I don’t spent money.

I also spend 0 money. But 1 year of playing got me about 4 five star. And 3 of them from tc20. 1 from coin/gems

I don’t spend anything and I have 11 5* in 18 months.

But I have played a huge amount and taken lots of advice from the forum and other players.

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I’m at the 8 month mark and have found no 5* heroes yet, despite having spent $30 or so (VIP and Atlantis deals).

I have almost enough mats to ascend a rainbow team of 5’s. Just have to find them.

TC20 is the answer for 5* heroes if you are f2p. Of course, HOTM and event heroes are another story… I spent 0 $ and have 10 5* after 14 month… unfortunately only 5 of 10 I found worth ascending so far… In all his grace, RNGesus found it ok to give me, out of 10 5*, two Elks, two Kadilens and two Horghalls. So I have maxed one Elk while all the other greens AM’s are waiting for Lianna… I’ll soon get to 12 tonics again, so, maybe I’ll max one of the Kadilens to pair with Elk.

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As stated tc20 is your friend. I was c2p and got joon from summons with money after 8 months. I have mitsuko from another pull but it was Atlantis coins from in game. I am f2p now. Tc20 gave me 11 heroes in 170 pulls and I have another 30 coming out in about 6 days. My alt account had been f2p from start. I have aegir in there plus lpts of 4s from summons with in game gems or coins and tc20 but no 5s in it. I run 3 tc20 in main and 1 in alt. Its a must and i just hit 442 global and 52 local in U.S. today with only those so you can go very far with work, luck and lots of reading other posts and sites. Good luck.

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Are we talking one 5* maxed hero or one 5* hero total? It took me 10 months of F2P playing to max my first 5* but I also had about a dozen others on my bench. I was pretty lucky in my first few months of TC20.

Personally I would say it is unusual to have only one 5* hero total in a year.

What level are you at?


Level 40 here, c2p, with Atlantis x10 summons and some events summons, 2 tc 20 running since beginning of june, almost a year playing (9 months, 10 months), finished season 1 and 2, and not even one 5*…

The girl in my ally started 12 days after me in the game, spent the same amount and already have 4, 5 HOTM, all 4s of Atlantis, and 3 5s of the season 1…

I this close of abandoning the game, very tired of this…

P.s. I have ascension materials for one 5* hero of each color, and not even one hero to use…

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That’s really bad luck, but don’t worry, 5* are comming in groups, as soon as you received the first from your tc20, more will follow.

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They do tend to be quite streaky. I pulled some early, went about 4 months with none, pulled six in 2 months, now 6 months with none. Don’t give up on the game yet. The good thing about this is you have the time to build a solid 4* bench.

@Arthemis, you riding a wave of bad RNG. It doesn’t last forever. Expect a change soon.

It’s really bad luck but good luck will come. It usually balances itself out, so like you’ve already been told, expect a sudden change in your roster. Don’t give up!! You could be one summons from a great hero! Your next TC20 pull could be a great 5*. Heck you may get a few in a row!! Keep the faith, you are over due for some good RNG!!

Agree, don’t give up. I’m also a non-spender, but I got lucky and received a streak of 5*s recently. none from TC20, but all from summons… and again, I don’t spend. hang in there.

TC20 is streaky indeed. I have 2 running full time. In about a year I pulled 5 5* heros. Then, about 4 months ago they went on an incredible streak of 11 5* heros in about 10 weeks. It was insane.

Best advice - get at least one TC20 running, keep it running and be patient. The 5* heros will come.

That’s really strange. At the 8 month mark I had spent $22 and had 12 of the 5* heroes. That’s 2 from 46 Atlantis pulls, 9 from around 140 TC20 draws, and 1 from not very many of the hero tokens. Percentage a bit high for sure.

F2P here. In about a year of playing, here are the legendary heroes I have gotten so far:
Vivica: my very first 5*! From an Atlantis summon
Thorne: my second 5*; and first one from TC20
Sartana: tc20
Marjana: tc20
Domitia: tc20
Azlar: tc20
Obakan: tc20

So that’s 7 legendary heroes in one year, without spending a cent. Granted, not all of them are super exciting (cough cough at Thorne). But hey, any 5* is a treasure to a f2p.

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