Only getting Oberon from tc 20

Today was my sixth Oberon in a row from my level 20 training camp legendary training. At two days a pop waiting to see Oberon keep popping up I’m starting to think it’s a bug.

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It’s not a bug in any way. There’s a 5% chance of getting a 5* hero from TC20. The fact that you got 6 5*heroes in a row is quite impressive.

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Oberon (purple 3*) and not Obakan (purple 5*)


Classic 3* Dupes

Argh, you are correct

7x Oberon in a row is 1 in 214.66 odds


Click for Math

3 in 4 for 3* hero
1 in 23 for Oberon

3 in ( 4 * 23 * 7 ) = 644 or

1 in 214.66


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I’ll keep you updated. I may have to change my slogan from Empires and Ulmers to Empires and Oberons.

Six was the end of it. Azlar defeated the curse.

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