Only 5 votes like... forever?

Your votes on the ideas and feature section don’t replenish…? I need to go find one of my old votes, remove it so I can vote on something new… that’s weird. 5 votes is all you get, forever. Hmmmm.

Yer, I agree that feature is pretty broken. As SG has no obligation to act on the votes, just changing it to likes would work as well, in my opinion.


Agreed - it’s a poor man’s Idea Market, but doesn’t function that way. Either remove the feature altogether or formalize its function.

Or, like, don’t cuz it’s not that big of a deal :wink:

I know they are under no obligation but if a ton of people vote on something, that should be a good indication it’s a great way to improve user experience. However I think a lot of polls are skewed and the results of the poll aren’t accurate because people can’t vote


Votes in this case are a bit tricky since players will vote for their own interests (understandably) but SG needs to balance that against the interests of the business. Consider the idea: I think SG should give me a dollar!


Fair enough but if you take a good look around the forums players are offering deals against their best interests in desperation for an improvement. Everyone knows this company needs to “profit” but it’s actually a little disgusting the extent of their greed.

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Well, I will disagree on the ‘disgusting’ aspect.

I do agree that there are some arguing from an altruistic POV, but by far the most common comments I see are: ‘It should be easier for me to get heroes and items.’

I am fairly confident that a straight voting system on new ideas would garner the most votes for this type of request. - Check here for my POV on why these votes would be wisely ignored by SG:

It’s difficult to disagree that it’s a little gross. This is a great game, and it’s got me hooked… but. It costs a lot of money, way more than a mobile app game should cost. The high end of players are dumping 10’s of thousands of dollars to compete at the highest level. At the end of the day, the only reward is the entertainment factor. This isn’t an investment.

I think SG should know they have a good product and they should focus more on longevity than the milking strategy they have going on right now. This is built to collapse. Players are unhappy.

OK - I do find that people spending the $$ they do is a bit absurd. And to the extent that SG is playing on addictive foibles of human nature perhaps that is gross.

That said, the game truly doesn’t HAVE to cost piles of money. Based on my own experience it is entirely possible to be successful in this game with very low investment (less than $5/month average over my 16 months.)

They’ve changed the forum mechanics for the #ideas-feature-requests area, where a thread now auto-closes after a month. Once a thread closes, the votes are returned.


I still have zero votes. I can’t vote on anything and there’s been a few times I wanted to.

I occasionally find I have one vote available, freed up when some old idea auto-closes.

The solution here, honestly, is to find a way to increase odds on pulls and items as you advance in level. I mean, I’m c2p, maybe $20 a month for 18 months I find it just impossible to get 5 stars. I have materials galore, but I do 7 epic token pulls and get, what is honestly not a horrible pull with Kashrek, Boril, and Sabina out of the 7, but for me is just meh. I have all 3 of them maxed. I have 45 maxed heros. Nothing but 5s is even worth my time anymore, but i only have a small handful of them because the games refuses to give them to me. TC20 is my biggest producer, by far, and even that took 100 draws to produce. In 18 months I have pulled 4 5s and only 1 HOtM. At level 51 or 52+, why can’t I and others who have put such a commitment into the game get better odds? I’ve said it all over this forum, Leveling is the ONE THING in this game that cannot be bought. It takes time and commitment, and the rewards for leveling up are lame. Boost them.

This is getting off topic. I brought up that issue to address some issues with the voting system that the OP brought up. If you want to discuss this particular idea, might want to throw it on that other thread :slight_smile:


I have. It doesn’t help. :slight_smile:

Yea the voting system is a little pointless. Either the voted ideas should be acknowledged by SG, given a response as to whether they will or won’t implement the idea and why, then return the votes and close the thread. Or just do away with the voting system.

And I’m not saying every idea that gets 1 vote should be acknowledged by devs. But I’d say 100 or more and it shoulr definitely snag some type of response as that seldom happens and since we’re giving so few votes, it’s not like we could just vote on every idea that benefits us as individuals. Players would be more likely to vote on ideas that benefit the game or community as a whole.

If any of this occurs already then it’s news to me


Use wisely, my friend.

In all seriousness I think the concern on the flip side (infinite votes) is that it will lead to voting for everything, which also defeats the purpose of voting for something. Maybe the solution is:

 1.  Everyone starts with 5 votes
 2.  No one can vote for an idea more than once
 3.  After you use your first vote you gain 1 vote per month
 4.  At no given time can someone have more than 5 votes max.

This solves the issue of making each vote count without voting for everything. It also makes sure people can vote on what they truly care about beyond just 5 things, and we dont have to wait for SG to address a topic or close a thread before getting another vote.

SGG uses standard software to run this forum, so they don’t have the flexibility to redesign each system.

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