Only 3 star heroes

Good evening,
I Think i have a problem because for every call with token or camp liv 20 i take only 3 star. For example last Week i make the 10 Call event and i take nine 3 star and one 4 star. Today i make 10 Call for troops and take only 3 star. With my two camp 20 i take only 3 star everyday.
My nik in game is Magnus.

Everything is fine. The odds of getting 4 or 5* are just very low. Keep on trying.


Here are my stats for my TC20:


You can compare the number of 3* to the others. Patience and perseverance! :wink:

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Holy Cow, If I ever get 27 Renfelds, I will not only stop playing, will bury my tablet!

Am having the same issue as well but it’s very rare I get a 3* most 2*

Ah no, Renfeld was just the most recent 3*. You’d have to read through the records to see all of what I’ve received; I don’t like posting big long summaries in that thread.

Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

@Freyajokster I was referring to the results from a TC20 (Training Camp 20), not Daily Summon. In the daily Summon, the highest Hero you can get is 3*, in a TC20 (just like Epic Hero Summons) 3* is the lowest hero possible.

Today another 3 star Bane from camp 20. I dont take ever 5 star from camp

Also from the thread Training Camp lvl 20 Results

Nox, is that a new summary? If so, starting from which update? I’m very curious. Thanks!

That is my summary I keep up to date. :slight_smile:
Starting date is 2nd Feb.
It might got burried in all the post but I quote the overall summary from time to time.
Got Sartana, Leo, Quintus, Vivica and Joon.

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