Only 3*’s from elemental?

Is anyone having issues with the elemental pull? Did 3 10 pulls in a row and got 30 3*’s. When did this start happening? I’ve never had this problem before. @Rook what’s going on with 10 pulls? Do you know? A lot of people in my alliance and alliance family started complaining right after I did mine that it’s happening to them too. One guy had been saving his gems for 4 months and got all 3*’s. Another girl got 50 3*’s. This doesn’t seem right to me. It seems very odd to not get at least a 5* or hotm.


Hi @Hquinn

That’s super bad luck, really sorry to hear it.

Unlikely to be a bug, just long odds and them turning up a lot of junk this time :pensive:


Along with very few gold coins of either kind…i think they have cut back on everything…i used to accelerate chests ALL the time…but stopped doing it because no more good loot hardly EVER…mystic vision i dont expect anything from anymore…and pulls from any hero category seem way less fruitful than they did…we just have to adjust or move on…i really miss the little surprise nice loot from all those things…the thrill is gone…:frowning:


Yeah me too. I can’t even ascend what I’ve got now because I never get the stuff to do it. It’s bumming me out really bad. :confused:

This was a recent mystic vision from Dec 2:


And a completed chest from a few days ago:

I’m stumped about 50 x 3* though. I’m inclined to agree with Jonah. :confused:


My fire chest yesterday gave me a chainmail shirt and scabbard.

At least a diamond raid chest gave me poison darts afterwards yesterday too. Lol


@Hquinn Others do only one pull and get Mother North and the bonus draw… there is no guarantee as to what is going to come out of the summoning gate… I’ve been playing for quite a while, did some pulls, gems and tokens and coins and never so for got anything but 3*… must be about 50 pulls so far… I don’t complain, for TC 13 has been generous and I have a great platinum team, I completed season I, I am usually able to complete most events and quests (except for maybe the highest tiers of legendary) and I have an average of over 300 points / war.


Why did the German comment get flagged? I don’t speak German but I understand what he said lol it was relevant to the discussion and everything

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Wow!! That’s amazing. I can barely get 180 in war lol. I’ve been playing for a year now and this is the first time I’ve gotten this many 3*’s in pulls. I just thought maybe something happened is all.

I don’t know, but I have no clue what he said. Would you mind telling me? Maybe it will help me.

I think war average has to do a lot with the war matching you get. I usually attack one strong team in the begining, with my main strike team and then prey on the weaker ones as soon as they respawn, but careful to leave the ones I consider too weak for my lower level companions. I usually look for teams around the same TP, or a bit less then my attacking team.


I’m assuming saisonalen is seasonal, he mentioned a 10x pull, got 9 3* heroes and 1 4* hero. “Das ist absolut inakzeptabel” is obviously “that is absolutely unacceptable” with lots of !!! So he’s angry about his pulls just like OP


Nice mystic!! That’s awesome @Rook. I was just curious about the pulls. I didn’t know if something was wrong or not. I’ve never had this problem before. I pulled once on the epic and got no where so I haven’t pulled there since. I just found it odd that so many 3*’s were coming out for so many people. How’s the TC 20? I’ve tried it but only get 3*’s out of it too. Lots of my alliance get 5*’s every 2 weeks. Can you maybe explain to me how that works? I want to be able to go back as a co-leader and feed this information to my alliance :blush:

@Ian487 very good point. @SWEG thank you. I really appreciate your kindness.

Y’all have been very kind and helpful. Thank you :blush:

:slight_smile: Then I should have quit the game long ago :slight_smile:

The last time I bought a ten pull I was crazy lucky, I got 7 4* heroes and a 5* with just 2 of the 3*, during Atlantis. Unfortunately the 5* was mok ar and the 4* were all duplicates, but it was still a cool pull. I was gonna take a screenshot but I would’ve had to take 3 or 4 to show the whole thing.

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Duplicates or not, seven 4* are still seven 4*… Now It’s my turn to be jealous :grinning: I agree… Mok-ar is not the greatest 5*…


I just did 4 elemental nature summons got a 5 star on my forth one couldn’t believe it never get that lucky

The TC20 is just odds. The odds agreed upon by players after 1000 pulls several months ago is:

3* = 75%
4* = 20%
5* = 5%

Of course, your mileage may vary; I’ve done 70+ pulls and my 5* percentage is just over 2%. You can search “results 20” and look at all the different players posting their differing results for TC20. I still think it’s the best option for F2P/C2P players looking for a 5 Star.


Tc20 is a reliable source for 5*'s, but as Rook stated, the odds mean that you’ll have to be patient. After 200+ trainings, I’m at 6% 5*. So keep at least 2 running (I run 3 unless I’m working on an important hero). For my part, I have most of the hero’s I want from tc20 (only miss Magni), so my ascension materials are building up. I just don’t get interesting hero’s and my game has become stagnant.

Main problem with tc20 is that it’s not getting any love from the developers. New hero’s are being spewed into the game, but these are only obtainable for those willing to gamble, and/or with the willingness to spend a whole lot of money on this game. So what we have is now a class divided player base.

It’s fine that players get benefits from spending a ton of cash, but a little love to normal players wouldn’t be out of order. Trickling in S2 hero’s and past hotm’s in the tc20 pool would be a sound step to take.

Now I feel like I derailed somewhat from the OP. :slight_smile: