Only 1 pair of gloves but who's next to use it?

Hello everyone! I have only 1 pair of gloves but can’t decide who could be next to use them. Any advice will be great! 1st picture is the main heroes that I use the most. 2nd & 3rd picture set are the heroes that I’m having trouble deciding.

I’d say Grimm or Tiburtus, since you already have healers and you need attacking heroes. Grimm is a blue one as well as Alasie, while Tiburtus fitts purple vacant place in your team.


Thank you for your advice! Now of the 2 heroes, Grimm will link with Alasie which gives me 5% aditional attack & defense for few turns or Tiburtus that can bring purple color to the mix?

I am in the same boat kind of. The one pair of gloves part. Merin gets mine.

I don’t have any of the top heros. I have both Grimm and Tiburtus maxed. I use grimm a lot because he is my best blue until I just got Isarnia to 70. Tibs I use as a double purple. Rigard has saved me many times and I can’t sit him.

So I would go for the rainbow team for now.

Pick 1 of each color to get to 60 while you wait for your next set of gloves.

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You don’t have The Proctologist to give the glove too so I personally would say Peters.

He’s an A-Rated hero that is extremely useful for special events (silencing bosses) and raids (silencing specific heroes).

It’s good to have a good rainbow team so it should be either a green or purple for you. You already have a good healer too.

I have several 5 star greens and still use Peters all the time.

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