Online Player Versus Online Players

Hello Devs,

I’m wondering if it is possible to create a feature that allows online players fight against each other live during raids.

I only have 2 fully ascended 5* in my roster and a bunch of fully ascended 4* but I could beat anyone in the top 300 stacking right colors and I don’t think there is much difference between top 300 and top 50 as well.

The only issue I got is that my defense team is still not strong enough and I lost quite a lot of trophies as soon as I’ve reached 2600+.

I believe it would be fairer (for both me and my opponents) if we could send the opponent a challenge request while we are both online because to be honest the AI is pretty predictable (especially that the hero’s special is charged right after the mana’s has been full and color stacking doesn’t matter in defense).

I mean wouldn’t it be great to watch JimMe and Zero fighting one on one live when they are both online rather than Zero’s fighting JimMe’s AI and vice versa.


Was already suggested a week ago. Better you add to tthat one it’ll have better attention then and i crease votes.

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