Online indicator trespassing privacy (with POLL)

I have nothing to hide.


Privacy issue… Like Seriously of all the things to complain about…

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Where is this dot from hell that you guys are referring to, because I sure as hell cant find it… :frowning:

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Maybe not yet updated?

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I have no notification that an update is required

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It’s gonna be available with the new update, version 31. :wink:

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You could already see if someone was online if you clicked on their name in alliance list.

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You probably shouldn’t be in your bosses alliance if this is an issue.



I see that already, have for a while
Just wondering about the infamous dot people are complaining about.
To me, it just seems like a non-issue

I want the dot, FOMO and all that :slight_smile:

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Thank you for taking the time to respond.
I am not exactly worried about it, just idle fun banter.
If it came across differently, then I apologize.
Thanks for the link :slight_smile:


Me too, I have no notification that an update is required

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I have no notification that an update is require

It’s part of V31, which was released 14 hours ago.

Where else should it come from?


An online icon on a phone app is hardly a privacy breach

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To be fair, other companies have an “opt out” of telling if they are online. That said, if SGG was worried about privacy laws they wouldn’t allow it.

Three things in life are certain: Death. Taxes. Moaning about new E&P features.


Też nie mam info o aktualizacji

Look, here’s the thing… I totally get wanting to be able to be online without other people knowing. When I play games on my PS4 for example, I log in as invisible. Why? Because I want to play a single player game without my idiot friends sending me requests to come join their party in some stupid first person shooter or something.

“This is my ‘me’ time, okay guys? I don’t want to plug in my headset to hear you guys banter about teabagging each other’s dead corpses or what you did with so-and-so’s mother last night. I just want to go build some stuff in Minecraft in peace and quiet, k? Thanks.”


HOWWWWever… when it comes to E&P…

If you want a single player game where other people aren’t bothering you? Don’t join an alliance. Or form your own single person alliance. Simple as that.

Once you join an E&P alliance, you’re now part of a “team”, whether you like it or not.

Seriously, if you don’t like it, why the hell did you even join them in the first place? Just to sit idly by and collect free loot while others do most of the work? GTFO of here, kid.


If you’re trying to hide from your own alliance mates, for whatever reason… say they expect you to chat, but you don’t want to chat… they expect you to hit the titan, you don’t want to hit the titan…

Dude, seriously? You’re obviously in the wrong alliance in the first place. If they’re expecting stuff of you and you’re not willing to do it. Find a casual alliance instead that doesn’t give a damn what you do or don’t do.

Finally, my last note on the privacy front.

I find it absolutely hilarious when people complain about “Big Brother” spying on them.

And yet they have multiple social media accounts, under their actual real names.


Seriously? C’mon now.

“Oh but I set my profile to private, so only my friends can see it!”

SERIOUSLY??? Come on now.

Surely no one is really that naive.


Anyone have this update?


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