Online indicator trespassing privacy (with POLL)

I think Not all people love to be seen as online with online indicator. This QoL trespassing privacy.

Is there any way to turn it OFF?

Just like whatsapp, not everybody want to be known by last seen or read status.

Please give the option to set the privacy, SG.

POLL : Do You think Online Indicator trespassing our Privacy?

  • Yes
  • No

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This was already available when the battlefield was visible for alliance wars. So not much change, except online status will now be always visible.


War only for short time which is 2 days only.

Meanwhile online indicator is forever

Not only that, but you can still see the last time a player was online by clicking directly on their profile. My first alliance used to use that as a way to track whether or not each member was hitting the titan when they were online or not. Those who logged on and didn’t hit the titan got a warning.

They were kind of hardcore, though. We were all informed of the expectations when we joined.


An new online indicator would do nothing more than make information that is already readily available in game, just easier to see. There is literally nothing new being exposed.


As noted above the information is already available but at the price of one click on each person in your alliance. So what is the problem?

If that’s the main concern in our life, you must have a great life. But if you spend your life looking for “problems” like this, maybe it is not such a great life after all.


Personally I cannot see this as being an “invasion of privacy”…

All the indicator does is say when you’re online… Just like tapping on your alliance members name in the Alliance List and it saying “Last Online: Now”

It is NOT visible to anyone OUTSIDE your alliance. So is in fact LESS of an “invasion of privacy” than the war board which shows yours AND the opposition “online/offline” to both teams.


This is an enhancement that was requested and well supported in the “Ideas and Features” category as an aid to alliance organization. Did you voice your concern there?

Since it is only visible within the alliance you could always not be in one to maintain your privacy.


Hah hah, I spy on my war opponent alliances all the time to see which one of them are online.

I know when they’ve been sleeping, I know when they’re awake,
I know when they’ve been bad or good

And they’re always being bad! Naughty, naughty! Coal for them. :laughing:


I can check everyone and see if they are online or not, its just will be more comfortable with indicators


Non game related, I think this whole privacy thing has gone way over what it was intended… if people can look at being online in a video game as personal private data, we definitelly are on the wrong track… there is a very thin line between normality and madness, regarding these privacy issues. For the love of God, a person’s name is not private data, it’s just a way of identifying that person. Same goes for a person’s age or ■■■ and many many other things. You don’t like people seeing you as online, don’t play, simple as that.


I personally never give my name or age away, especially to my employers or my bank.



Can’t believe you guys are ALREADY complaining about this.

Whatever, a turn off option for that would fix it. But why? It’s a just dot after your nickname…


Ready Or Not, Here I Come
You Can’t Hide
Gonna Find You
And Take it Slowly
Ready Or Not, Here I Come
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I don’t think it’s guys but more guy.

This tells me nothing more than I could see already.

If someone hasn’t hit a Titan and was last online 10 minutes ago then I will assume they were interrupted. Don’t hit the Titan at all and I can see you haven’t been online in a day then cool, something has come up.

I don’t think a dot changes anything unless you are the sort of person who wants to sit in an alliance and let everyone else do all the hard work and then just kill the Titan at the end…but again, I know that anyways from the hit log. Or maybe someone who just wants to do wars but not hit the Titan for some reason…in which case I know already too from the data.

So whichever way I go with this I knew it already…so what the gripe is I have no clue


It’s already available, this just makes it easier to find. Rule number one, don’t be on allaince with your boss. He’ll know you aren’t sitting on the toilet…you’re hitting the titan!!


Why would you want it hidden? It’s available for 5 of 7 days now via the war battlefield. This just makes it easier.


This indicator will be very convenient, you can immediately see which members of the Alliance are currently in the game and can help. Moreover, with a strong desire, you can see it without an indicator - through the list of Alliance members or on the battlefield. When the indicator appears, it will be easier and more convenient. I support the indicator !!


lmao, there’s a hundred things in this game worth complaining about before this.

And not even close to a ‘privacy’ issue.

And most of us that track Titans & Wars do this routinely everyday. Nobody has been somehow hiding or slipping around in incognito mode up until now anyway, this whole complaint is moot.

This is nothing more than duplicating a single bit of info, from TWO other places, to a third more visible place. Nothing new is being “shared” whatsoever.


We still need to click on every offli e member to see how long he was online and if he hit the titan. To mee I like it cause I quickly see who is online to speak to him

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