ONLINE BATTLE - the player selects a bet on the battle, let the battle take place online

For example, add:
Online battle - the player selects a bet on the battle, let the battle take place online

5 levels:

1 - 1 gem (1000 silver / food)
2 - 5 gems (5000 silver / food)
3 to 10 gems (10,000 silver / food)
4 to 50 gems (50,000 silver / food)
5 - 100 gems (100,000 silver / food)

(an alternative battle for silver or food, however, can be divided into sections)

By choosing a level, a grid of players online opens with a filter of strength up to 2000 to 3000, up to 3500, up to 4000, where you can choose and challenge an opponent, if the call has not been confirmed within a minute, the call is rejected, the opponent can also reject or accept the choice .
An alternative way is to display the created duel in the grid by other players, where just choosing an opponent the battle begins …

Battle (Online Battle)
Two players participate in the battle online, alternately making moves for each turn for 10-30 seconds, if the player does not make a move in 10-30 seconds he skips the move. One field two teams of heroes opposite. It will be real chess, a real game, where not the random coincidence generator wins, but the strategic mind of the rivals … Then this game can be played endlessly, excitingly.

And of course the rating …

In general, in order not to burden the game, raids can be removed altogether … they are not interesting …
Or make an upgrade from the above … Raids 2.0 (Online)

Don’t know if betting might make this idea impossible. Betting is forbidden in most countries or limited to state lotteries. That’s why loots boxes were discussed a while ago. It is somekind of a bet in a certain way…

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