Oni Curse applying if Oni Gem is destroyed on last round with a Diamond Gem

Twice during this Ninja Tower event, i noticed that the Oni Curse was given to the character, even when I successfully removed the affected curse gem. Both of these times, the cursed Oni gem was removed by using the Diamond gem (what you receive when you match 5 gems of the same color) on the last round (when the count was down to 1).

  • 1st time (4/1/21): Sartana affected (Level 80)
  • 2nd time (4/3/22, 8:45am EST): Joon Costume affected (Level 80, Ascension 20)

Can you post screenshots or videos to validate your claim? Sometimes, you may mistook the cursed purple tile as a blue one (or any other color, I sometimes do due to the lighting or in-game color blind setting).

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Unfortunately no screenshots. The first time it happened I thought the same thing… I must have made a mistake. When it happened the second time, I was positive it happened as I was being extra careful since it was one of my favorite heroes counting down. I’ve been recording since, but haven’t had it happen again yet.

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