One Year, Two 5*s

I’ve been playing this game faithfully for one year give or take. When I was still pretty new, I did a summon and got the AUGUST HOTM, Ares.
It is now mid June, and I only JUST got my second 5*, Vivica, from my level 20 training camp.
I’m really happy to get her… but I’m not impressed with the ten month gap between the two Heroes…


Do you have enough materials to ascend both of them to max level?

Ares is an A+ hero, one of the three best in the game, so that’s an awesome luck to start. There are several 4-star heroes that are better than most 5-star ones, Wu Kong, for example.

And most people with several 5-star heroes have problems with having enough ascension materials for everyone. I really believe you were really unlucky, meaning you should have at least one or two more 5-stars but on the other hand, don’t let the number of stars blind you to the quality of a hero.


You offer very little details of your effort for now 5*, are you just expecting them to appear just because you played?
Assuming that you are f2p, your best bet at getting 5* is with tc 20 running legendary training. How many legendary training have you done? If it is just 20, then you got good results. If it is 100 then you have every right to complain.
I have played less than a year and have done 203 legendary training (I set 3 tc to run it) because my goal is getting 5s. I have gotten 7 5 which is below average and had 86 tries between my 6th 5* and my 7th. But this information actually shows you that I have focused on getting 5*, so I expected to get some.
If you only have 1 tc doing legendary, then change it so you can focus on 5*


I don’t have all the ascension items yet, unfortunately. I do have several good 4*s that are pretty good.

I haven’t kept count on how many summons I’ve done. I have done a LOT though. Currently only one level 20 TC. I’m working on upgrading my others still.

So don’t worry too much about the stars. Focus on team chemistry.

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How have you been playing over a year and only have one tc20? Is your builder on strike?

Maybe the OP didn’t know where to focus their building efforts.

One only?

If you had it running 24/7/365 (did you?), you on average could expect 1 5-star every 2 months.

However, since your chances of summoning one do not improve when you’ve still not received one after 2 months of L20 training, you can very well have long dry spells as well.

That’s the nature of the game. You want something to happen that requires no small amount of luck. There’s only two things you can do to provoke that luck:

  • Persevere
  • Increase your amount of drafts (why is that 2nd TC not running?)

And even if you do, no guarantees. After all, it’s all random.

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I focused on upgrading all my buildings to the highest level before proceeding. I will have a second level 20 TC soon.
I do not spend money on the game much, and I’m sure that has slowed my progress as well.
Also, I have a busy life, so I cannot dedicate as much time as some can

Due to how busy I am, I’m lucky to run 2 legendary training sessions in a week. I don’t have the time to farm levels like most experienced players.

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@Jordan_WJLC You know you can play the game on auto mode? If you need food, iron or backpacks, there’s an awesome guide on #player-guides from Mai, where you can find the best stages for anything you might need. Enter the game, see what’s the highest stage your team can beat on auto mode and just click on replay every 2 minutes until you exhaust your world flags. Then repeat it 4 or 5 hours later. I do that when I’m working and it works wonderfully for grinding materials.

Edit: here’s the link to the guide

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Just this! I do it even during cooking xD

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I have been playing for 1 year too and trained numerous 5s. However, I have been running 4 tc20s non-stop for months and months. 1 year and not a lot of grinding (because of lack of time) does not equal 1 year and a lot of grinding (like I did). I wished my 1 hero of the month was Ares too (or Alberich, or Zeline or Athena or Hel, or…), mine is Perseus…
Besides Perseus, I summoned 1 5
, the rest came from tc20 (again 4 tc20 non-stop for many months!). So, if you would like faster progress, start grinding! If you spend all your world energy on 8-7, you get enough recruits to do continuously tc20 and do a few hours of tc19 in between every couple of days.
I am cheap to play, I spend a little money on gems for some event summons and for speeding up my chests. And I did 2 monthly vips.


As others explained, autofarm may be very helpful. But even daily autofarming takes perseverance and discipline. It may not pair well with your busy life.

From the looks of it your luck seems on par with what could be expected given what you’ve put into it.

Be happy with your 4-stars, I’d say. There’s plenty of room for upgrade in them, and there’s plenty of room for improvement of your ingame results. For example versus titans, once you start using 2 or 3 of the strong damage colors, you’ll see improvement. Takes a good full bench first though, which is a goal someone as casual as you could still pursuit.

Or alliance wars. You don’t need all 5-stars to do well there. A well filled bench of 4-stars can still make a killer point score.

Same here :slight_smile:


Hiya Jordan, well if i were you id feel the luckiest person on the earth, i started the game more or less at the same time as you i guess, when ares was the HOTM. Like you, i dont spend money in the game and i know i wll probably never get the HOTM. actually i got my 4th TC20 and got 17 4* and 4 5*. What for? I dont have ascension mts lol but im happy and dont complain cause i know its a game you need patience either you spend money or not. Just focus in leveling your TC’s and enjoy. Its my advice ;D


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