One Year Review

Hello everyone, some of you might have seen me on the forums before, many of you may have not, but today I am going to show you my one-year progress.

I’ve really been looking forward to doing this for the past couple of weeks, and in creating this post I will share some stories, my tips and tricks, and overall experience of the game. This will be an AMA no I will give you my honest and candid responses! :heart:

I believe I have really fleshed out my roster, I am almost at full capacity, I will be settling down on all my pulls and saving while I level up the little guys. My strongest team is Joon-C, Ursena, Telly, Ariel, Kingston. My weakest part of my roster is 3* (it’s been killing me in tournaments, and events).

My first ever hero was Bane and he will forever hold a special place in my heart as he helped me in the beginning so much. My first ever 5* was Ranvir. When I got him I thought he was bonkers, but then again I didn’t know how to read specials and just thought his bonus damage automatically applied. My first tank was Kash. What a monster in bronze-low Plat.

The team I find to be the most fun? Telly + Freya. Death by minions is hilarious to watch.

My worst team/color? Yellows. I just don’t have enough darts and I don’t find Neith or Ranvir to be as strong as other yellows (Drake/Onatel/Guin)

My best color stack team? Red. I love to see the world burn. Falcon + Wilbur is a deadly combo.

My favorite hero? Kingston. The guy is a king and has saved me on so many raids with his attack down.

My most hated hero/es? Any season 1 3* the Gunnars and Dawas I pull I don’t see deserving a place on my roster. I don’t even know why they let them be in the newer portals.

My most sought after hero/es? Onatel and Alby if I ever pull these two heroes my dreams would be complete I wouldn’t need any other hero to be content. Their art and game mechanics are beautiful and fit my playstyle perfectly.


Costumes are fairly new and I’ve only leveled up Bane’s, Sonya’s, and Joon’s so far. But I think they have added a much needed new power and gameplay style to older heroes. Here is my current list.

Best Costume? For me personally Joon-C is amazing, it spells almost instant death.

Worst Costume? Tiburtus and Skull Skittle seem pretty lack luster, maybe I haven’t given them a chance in my roster and with their costumes? Who has the worst costume so far?

Most fun Costume? I find Hawkmoon’s costume to be interesting and fun. I think HoT is better in most regards than a flat heal, and she boosts damage. She has been my saving grace for tourney’s and being able to complete events on Rare.

Troops are so important to everyone out there! I would say they are equal if not more important than emblems depending on what you are looking for. I think crit troops are amazing on defense and mana troops for offensive raids. I have been slow to level all my troops as the costs are so high.

Favorite Troops? It would have to be mana, shaving off a tile, or two, when paired with Ariel, means my snipers go off that much quicker. I will say though, seeing crit troops smash a defense is amazing too, they have put in a ton of work for me before.

Biggest mistake? Dumping resources into 2* and 1* when I first started playing the game.

One tip I would give is, do not split the resources between troops. If you have a 4* mana and crit troop, getting one to level 17 is probably the best. I made the mistake of leveling both my first mana and crit 4* blue troop and it has really hurt me from getting a better defense. Find your playstyle and stick with it, but cutting resources with troops may be costly in the long-run.

Overall Experience of the Game
Empires and Puzzles & and the community here on the forums have felt like home to me. I love my alliance, I love wars and titans, and there is always something new popping up around the corner. There are many things wrong with the game, as no game is perfect, but I have seen the game grow exponentially in just a year which is amazing.

Sometimes I agree with the pessimistic view of the Devs being in it for money or making conscious decisions (looking at you Telly and Vela), that hurt the overall player experience. I think the Devs have come along way in opening up new avenues to Mats, summons, and events. I have never had a day off because of PoV and something to do each week. For that, I give them credit. My biggest wish is for more open responses from the Devs in their decision-making processes. As a beta tester, and someone who is interested in the health of the game, I encourage the Devs to be more open and give us a reason for the changes they are making. One thing I have learned that really hits home to players is having just even a sentence or two into why something is being nerfed, modified, or buffed. I love the conversations the players have amongst themselves in regards to balance changes, and seeing the creators come out with just a few lines themselves may be very eye-opening into how they see the state of the game.

My wishlist? Please change the Tavern of Legends by removing the 3* and 4*, or introduce S2 3* 4* instead. I would like to pull for something I can’t anymore since Atlantis coins are gone, and S1 3*-4* really don’t have a place anymore in the meta.

My Hopes? I hope the community continues to voice their opinions and stick with the game we all know and love. Change is good, but change for the sake of change is bad. I hope the Devs revisit what needs to be fixed instead of pushing out new content - for now.

Anyways, this is a small window into my first full year of playing E&P. AMA and keep on being awesome everyone.


Thx 4 sharing this…but you left out the part how many hundreds of bucks you spent to achieve this in one year.


Great write up and thanks for your story. If I could of given you advice early on I’d of told you to build a 3* team then some 4* teams before you got all excited with those 5*.

3* and 4* depth along with the costumes they now have will help in lots of areas and give more chances to gain those mats for the shiny 5* heroes.

Skittleskull costume has a surprisingly high attack stat, use it as part of green stack on blue titans along with Buddy, kingston Ranvir and another green hero

Thank you for the write-up. It’s very information. Like Vikingblood80 I always wonder the financial cost to get this kind of hero roster with all the good Hotm. Just an estimate will suffice.

I spent about 30-40 dollars a month so roughly 400-450.

My HoTM pulls have been blessed. After doing atlantis and hording tokens for events/seasonal events I was very lucky to get my heroes.

See…I am around 7€ or equally 10$ per month on average for 20 months in.

So it is not a matter of skill just matter of cash.

Not really, more like a matter of luck. I got both Frida and Ursena one 1 lucky pull with my Atlantis coins.

I got Ariel off of my first 10 pull in Atlantis. Kingston was off EHT token for October and my first 5* green. Hatter was from my token in this past Wonderland event. Most of my heroes come from me purchasing the 1.99 offers during events xD

I didn’t even spend that much my first 3 months because I was off and on with the game.

I can’t spend that much money anymore because now I’m working towards an apartment and new car.

@Aabbott21 thanks for sharing your experience over the past year of playing this game. What do you think your next steps are?

Im going to be leveling many of my 4* and 3* for events and tourney’s because they are brutal for me.

The next three HoTM don’t excite so I think I will step back over the summer and not spend as much, if at all.

I’m also going to be base racing because with Hero Academy on the horizon I’ll need everything upgraded ASAP :slight_smile:

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