One Year of Play - Taking Inventory

Hi @ChoppedLiver

Hearty congratulations on a positive and practical view from a committed c2p player.

By my definition, you are a big winner - working hard with realistic expectations and reaping the rewards.

Multiple thumbs up from me, and I hope to catch up in the next few months!!


Thanks a lot for the “Complete tutorial” trick! I didn’t know when I started until now. I thought it was somewhere around May 2017, while it was June the 7th.
I find your analysis of what you’ve got after 1 year very interesting: I think seeing what can be achieved can help other c2p and even f2p players (I’m pretty sure your 100 bucks didn’t pushed you a lot wrt to totally free players) to hang on with the game if they are ok with building their army not in a rush.


I don’t see the point in being c2p. My suggestion for everyone is be f2p or a whale. Never spend a cent and I’m playing since november 2017. I got a hotm (Zeline). I also have a similiar amount of 4* materials. With patience(you need it anyway), you can level all you builings. That means, no need for the VIP Pass.


The game gave me my 6th free mystic rings yesterday with Mount Umber in about 10 months of play. Bought one in a special offer and Marj has been 80 for quite a while now. I was also able to train in TC20 2 months earlier due to VIP from which Marj came from.

I may not even have Marj if I didn’t C2P. C2P is fine, as long as you know what you’re doing.


Thanks for your comment, but respectfully I disagree. In my experience it is actually the moderate spending that gives the greatest return - you can spend tons and certainly get lots of great heroes and a couple more ascension materials than others, but you’ll still be bottlenecked by having to grind and gather materials for your many heroes, build your buildings etc. which even with a VIP pass takes time.

And speaking of the VIP pass, you’re quite right that it isn’t needed, but… it does help a lot to shave off time to get your buildings leveled up. Basically for $5 you have the potential to save an entire month of building (assuming you can keep 2 builders busy the whole time, which admittedly can be challenging because of needed iron mostly), and it gives 900 gems over that month which is in itself a decent deal for that kind of money (now the average return for those gems, that’s a different story…). So I consider that a good return for a relatively small price.

Anyway, I am not suggesting people should spend only a little, or a lot, or none at all - it’s all fine. I’m only saying what my experience is. I’ll never be a whale, but I’m glad there are some to fund development… :slight_smile: And I think it’s actually great that the entire spectrum of F2P to whales can all co-exist in this game and enjoy it.


Thanks for the kind words @JonahTheBard! No doubt you will catch up, good luck and enjoy the journey!

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I am in the cheap to play camp - $70 over 15 months or so, and it’s a fantastic way to play. Spend a few bucks early on summons to get that roster beefed up. Then buy the $2 ascension and gem deals to level your team. Save those gems for some pulls OR the more recent gem ascension item offers. If VIP was around when I started I would have done that, for sure, to get to SH20 and TC20 faster.

At the end of the day I have 2 fully ascended 5* rainbow teams, 3 HOTM, placed in top 100 in legendary in Fables, and can run into the top slot whenever I want.

It’s HOW and WHEN you use those funds that make this game more enjoyable, IMO.


Congrats on surviving a year!


Great summary of your play @ChoppedLiver. Regarding the VIP pass, and you DID mention this, but the gem deal alone (900 gems for $4.99) is a pretty sweet deal and worth the cost by itself. The second builder, for me, is just icing on the cake. Good Luck on your game future and happy hunting :wink:


Hello good afternoon

I do not know if it’s the right place to expose me, but I throw my question.

I’ve been playing for almost a year now, being currently level 41 and still not leaving a single hero of 5 *, which is starting to overwhelm me as I see almost all the players of my level are with 2 or more heroes of 5 *, I see almost impossible to raise my punctuation in cups which is overwhelming and monotonous.
My question is, if this is normal, do not leave heroes of 5 * at this point I have asked if I have a problem in my account and they tell me that the game is done so that all players have the same possibilities, if this is so, How is it possible to get to this level and not one single one?

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Nice breakdown. I’ve been playing for roughly a year too. I’m also c2p (cheap to play), which, for me, means I let myself have a little treat in the game. I definitely won’t be a whale because, while this game is fun, I don’t see the value in doing that. I also can’t afford it. I know I’d just get frustrated taking the hard line that I’ll spend nothing, so I take the middle ground and sometimes spend. I did get the VIP option when that was released. It feels like that was a good choice because of the daily double hero summon, the daily gems, and loot tickets.

I’m doing okay. I’ve not really been strategic about building out my heroes. A lot of it is luck of the draw, but I notice some in my alliance are really powerful. Their discussions are a lot more detailed, but they spend more time in the game though too. Some, I suspect, also spend more money. I try to get one session in per day and, ideally, two or more. Usually, when I am in it’s a farming mission, so I’m going for swords so that I can keep training heroes. However, there are some days where I’m too busy even with the option of loot tickets. That’s rare, but it does happen.

I’ve managed to get a few 5 star heroes all of them Hero of the Month or from an event (Natalya, Red Hood, Gregorian (twice), and Tarlak) and a lot of 4 star ones too. Since the wars started, I’m making sure to develop them all 3-stars and up because the strategy of having just one strong team doesn’t work anymore.

I’m still enjoying the game, for the most part. I do think it can get boring at times. I was happy with the visuals around season 2, but I use my low level season 2 heroes to farm in the lower levels of season 1. The points I’d have to spend just to farm in season 2 aren’t worth it. The goal is now that I’m through the lower levels and some of the harder levers of season 2, is to keep developing my level 4 and 5 heroes. Then I’ll finish off the hard levels of season 2 and see what they give us when it continues.

You can only farm in the lower season 1 levels so many times before it’s just the same thing over and over. I had some fun with playing again with the new season 2 heroes I got, but that’s lost it’s shine now too. I’m back to putting my phone to the side, while I’m working or checking the internet and have it on auto play most of the time. I’ll play in the events, wars, battles, and against titans though.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the inventory. It helps me see that I’m doing okay overall.


Since when do you run TC20 and how many ?

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Just want to point out that your start date may not coincide with completing the tutorial. I know I started in February 2018 but must have skipped part of the tutorial and didn’t finish it until April 2. I finished Power Unleashed, Savior, Killing Machine, and Conqueror before Tutorial so it’s possible.

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@wawi I think @Elayanith asked the key question.

Is it normal to play for a year and not have any 5*? I really can’t answer that for sure based on just my own experience, but it’s probably on the unlucky side. If your only source for 5* has been the summons, it’s probably not out of the question. Like I mentioned, in one full year of play I got only a single 5* from the summons; the others have all come from running the level 20 training camps (TC20s).

Basically I would say there are 3 ways to build up a roster of 5*:

  • Spend no money or very little (F2P or C2P), and either get really lucky multiple times, or play for a long time (probably a really long time - more than a year based on your experience and mine…)
  • Spend a ton of money so you can do many many pulls
  • Run TC20s

The last option has worked well for me so far, I now have 8 5* heroes altogether (pulled Marjana one day after the 1 year mark when I took the above inventory :grin:), so unless you are willing and able to do a lot of spending, that is the option I would recommend if you’re not doing that already. I would recommend running 2, 3 or if you want even 4 TC20s for some time, and then scale them down when you’ve gotten some 5* to work on. I’ve ran 2 for nearly 3 months and then scaled it up to 3 for 5 or 6 weeks, got several 5* in a relatively short time and scaled it down to 2, and soon 1.

With approximately a 5% chance of a 5* from the TC20, and one training taking 2 days, with a single camp over time you should average 1 5* every 40 days; with 2 running, 1 every 20 days, and with 3, 1 every 13 days. These are just averages, I went for a month or 2 with only a single one (that was a duplicate and not very useful for a while), then got 3 in almost a week’s time - this is the nature of RNG.

Hope that helps a bit, may the odds be in your favor!

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Quite a good point. I’m fairly confident in my case that I did do the tutorial in the beginning… I guess it makes sense to look for the badge with the oldest date.

Sounds like you’re doing great. There’s always stronger people to be found with more/stronger heroes, and you’re probably right a lot of them do spend more also.

Possibly playing even more times per day might help some to get a bit more ascension materials over time, but if this does not fit life for any reason, or it might not feel like fun anymore, then really don’t…

I do get the point about it being boring at times, grinding level 8-7 for the bazillionth time isn’t very exciting. I think for me more than anything it’s the growth aspect that keeps it interesting for me, and I do also enjoy the wars, Titans and raids.

Congrats on the HotM/event heroes, that’s one area it sounds like you’ve done really well!

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Excellent post, cheers.
Would you mind helping with something. Could you explain what “TC20” means please.
I’ve had a quick look at some posts but can’t find an explanation for it.

Common jargon used by players of Training Camp Level 20 (research). Not only do you have to get the building level up to level 20, you also have to get the research (Legendary Training) Researched. What comes is the epitome of what can be achieved for hero acquisition by C2P and F2P right from the comfort of their own base. In this training, for each 2-day session of 297K Food, 100 Recruits, and I think a very common Ascension Material (Leather Armor or Rugged Cloth, can’t remember) and you have a chance to acquire 3*-5* heroes (obviously the chance for 3* being the highest, followed by 4*, then 5* being lowest).

It is what I also refer to as homegrown heroes (e.g. not acquired by gem summons, token summons).

For a list of other commonly used jargons, I invite you to check out the below thread compiled by @JonahTheBard.


I concur that you can get far better return on low spending…but you still get something as you spend more.

The VIP pass is the best value in the game.

There are several points where you can buy your way quickly into something that will take weeks/months without spending.

I started buying enough summons to begin with a 3* roster rather than messing around with 2* heroes. Cost: $10 (vip plus starter bundle)

For a another $25 or so I was later able to get a full rainbow team of 4* heroes (actually 4* plus great luck pulling 5* Delilah), but I was pretty lucky. It could easily have cost double that with worse pulls.

My subsequent spending doesn’t make me think I quite qualify as a whale…but it was a lot more money, and the return rate on it was way less.

Hi, it’s been a year today since I have playing this game and like @ChoppedLiver (thanks by the way for your excellent description) I am going to dress my inventory.

Ascension materials :

  • 4* mats
    Darts 6 + 3 in stocks
    Tonics 6 + 3
    Tabards 6 + 8
    Mystic rigs 6 + 6
    Telescopes 9 in stocks
    D blade 4 + 3
    Tome 4 + 7

  • 3* mats:
    Orbs 24 + 9 in stocks
    St shields 20 + 2
    Tools 24 + 7
    H blades 16 + 11
    Cape 16 + 12
    Compass 25 + 11
    Gloves 25 + 4

Heroes :

  • 5* (4 maxed + 1 3x70 + 3 1x1)
    Hotm (lucky pulls) : Delilah (holy) & Gregorion (green) maxed
    Elemental pull : Kadilen 3x70 (green)
    TC20 : Azlar (red) & Sartana (dark) maxed, 2x Obakan (dark) + Elkanen (green)
    So, I am missing a 5* blue.

  • 4* maxed (or in their 4th ascension )
    Holy : 2x Jackal, Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Chao
    Green : Caedmon, Little John, Melendor
    Dark : Proteus, Ameonna, Tibs, Rigard, Sabina
    Red: Boldtusk, Kelile, Scarlett
    Blue : Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Triton

  • other 4*
    At 3x60 : Kashrek, Gormek, Boldtusk, Kiril, Boril, 2x Grimm
    At 1x1 : Danzaburo, Hu Tao, Skittleskull, Gobbler, and some dupes I am keeping ( Ameonna, Tibs, Rigard…)

  • 3* : 21 maxed and others in progress


TC20 since August :
Total of 130 pulls
5 x 5* so 3.8% (Sartana, Azlar, 2x Obakan, Elkanen)
20 x 4* so 15.4%
105 x 3* so 80.8%

I was a c2p for 6 months, I have spend around 100 euros in the game, Vip for 6 months and cheap offers.

I do have a rainbow set of 4* troops but I don’t have any 5* blue hero. It was upsetting me a bit but not anymore, I am just ready to quit the game like other folks of my alliance. (I don’t know when but I don’t think I am going to do a new year, there are 2 or 3 things, I want to achieve before quitting and I will be done)

Like I said in an other topics, thanks at SG for the game, it was a fun run for me and thanks to all the community for sharing their experiences and knowledge, you are amazing.

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