One Year Burnout - is this a thing?

I don’t think I’m alone in this one. Tell me if this is you…

All your buildings are maxed. You’ve been playing long enough that you have a healthy bench of Heroes - some from special events, a handful or two of 5*, and even some random 4* and 3* to make events fun.

Heck - you’ve even got your Troops maxed (or close to it)

There’s nothing left to build. Even if you got a shiny new 5*, you have materials to level it; just gotta grind up some feeders. Your Alliance peeps are nice - maybe you’ve surfed a few, merced a bit.

You felt a little lost a few months ago - but then Season Two came out, and War, and you thought, “Oh! Cool! This might be fun!”

But - it’s not. Wars are still “being worked out” or crashing altogether. Season two is just a Flag Expensive Map without any Towers. And it’s all just the same stuff with new art.

They even recycled the Halloween Avatars.

And so… you’re burnt.

Anyone else?


Many thanks to @Ellilea for her somewhat similar post. :heart:

Very much related To the game that i bought a device for each of my 10 yrs twin girls To play.

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It is a thing. I miss @Ellilea as well. I guess the toughest thing is the expectations of others. People think that just because a person is well known in the game that they have the deepest bench, best troops, and will most certainly go 6/6 one shots in AW. Anything less is considered a failure.

The game ceiling is real and more people are approaching that ceiling. On the horizon is a whole new level of advancement that will be very difficult to traverse without spending actual money. That is a tiring thought in and of itself, especially if someone has already spent heavily to get what they do have.

I know that some of my current in game friends are feeling the pressure and not looking forward to being pedestrian after so long of being near or at the top. I think I’m OK with it as long as I’m in a good Alliance where people communicate and are willing to puzzle out the intricacies of the new mechanics and changes in the metagame.

Again, the worst thing is the expectations of others. The most well known players are still players just like everyone else and are here to enjoy the game and the gap between the top players and the next tier players is very, very narrow.


new changes?

20 charac

Can relate. I thinks season 2 should have come with new additions to the base. Or maybe a new base in Atlantis. That would have been really cool. The game needs new buildings and some new heroes for TC20 imo. The base is just obsolete. Besides, the effort to max out your base isn’t worth it anymore with all the new heroes that can be obtained ONLY with money. So yeah, it does feel like a burnout .


Which heroes are these then? How do I purchase these said heroes?

You can’t directly purchase the heroes. You can only purchase ‘a chance at’ the heroes. It is an extremely small chance diluted by a LOT of regularly available heroes that you can grow in your TC 20. In other words, you need to be extremely lucky or make persistent purchases and be prepared to receive only heroes that can be obtained without spending a dime for your efforts and money spent. You are only purchasing ‘a chance at’ the new heroes.

No I know, but if you read the comment above me, the poster implies that there are certain heroes only available with money. So I want to know which heroes this person is on about, as I have not seen this.

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He’s obviously mistaken. There are no heroes that cannot be acquired with the use of tokens/Gems in some way shape or form. I’m pretty sure you know that. Why not just correct him?

Atlantis summons use Atlantis tokens and Epic Hero tokens can be used for Seasonal events. You can also earn Gems that you earn through game play to summon for regularly scheduled events. There are free options for ‘a chance at’ any hero in the game.

I have experienced burn out at other games; some swiftly, some slowly. I think it’s true for all gamers and all games at some point.

The question is, have you reached that point? I haven’t yet:

  1. All buildings at 20? Almost, the ones that matter are.
  2. Bench over 30 (or 60) heroes? Aye.
  3. 5* heroes? Yep.
  4. Troops maxed? Heck no!
  5. Nice alliance? Check!
  6. Merc’d? Check check.
  7. Having fun in Wars? Yep.
  8. Like Season 2? It’ll do. :grin:

For those who are finished, they move on. The rest of us continue to play. I’m very sorry you feel the 1 Year ennui, but at 1-1/2 years, I don’t. Is it your time to pass on? Or try something different? Only you can decide that.


Hope you are well, long time no speak (you know me as Chris From Titan Assault)
I went through that stage about 2 months ago, I ended up taking a break from alliances and did a bit of mercing, which I enjoyed.
Since then I’ve helped with a start up alliance and we are now going very well indeed.
This has helped me enjoy the game again, mainly helping others and watching them progress.
Hope this is of help to you ?


Event heroes, atlantis heroes, HOTM. The odds of getting them only with token are extremly small. So imo , if you want them you have to get them through summons. And that means money. Because the amount of gems you get for free is quite small. Not enough to constantly get 4 and 5 star heroes form events and atlantis. Sorry if the post was misleading :slight_smile:

I was there last December. Ready to call it quits. I would log on once a week. The winter event got me back into it some. I switched alliances and that made a huge difference. By the spring event I was hooked again then the addition of wars made it fun for me again. Before I only kept 5 heros but war forced me to keep and level 25 more. I understand the burnout. I still enjoy the game. Maybe in a year it will happen again. We’ll see

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I’m not so sure, it’s more about luck than money. You either have a good day or you don’t. For example I completed morlovia, used my epic hero token and got Victor… I had 2natlantis pulls from collected tokens and I got aegir as a bonus. But in the months prior I haven’t had that level of luck. It comes and goes.

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Seems more like a bored out than burned out. Similar like what I have in real life with work unfortunately.

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On my “Lucky” account, I got Misandra using saved up Atlantis tokens to perform summons. Then, because I do not have Athena on that account, I broke down and did a 30 x summons which netted me a whole lot of feeder heroes and two S1 5* heroes of which I already had multiples. So basically a really expensive and less effective trainer hero pack.

Then I worked to finish enough of the newly opened S2 levels to gain 100 more Atlantis coins/tokens for one last summons and got Mok-Arr. Yeah, I realize the odds of this happening are extremely small, but considering that the only S2 5* heroes I’ve received on that account ever have come from Atlantis tokens. I’d consider it possible enough to count.

F2P players will tell you that it is possible, even though frustrating, to accumulate enough Gems in game play to perform summons. Many of them have multiple 5* heroes and are still F2P. Therefore it is possible to acquire heroes through that method as well.

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