One wish granted

Max troops, please. It takes so much food and feeders to add just one level (my mana troops are only at Level 12, I shudder to think how much worse it’s going to get)


Some thoughts:

  1. I wouldn’t want to start over.
  2. I have so few unmaxed heroes that maxing them isn’t daunting - only about a dozen, plus a costume. Of those, there are some 3*, and some on final ascension.
  3. Tempting, but would then need something to spend food & iron on, plus better options.
  4. Tempting, and would be a massive time savings, plus new emblems come for new heroes.
  5. Very tempting. If this is truly infinite supply, it would be fabulous, as you need not craft, except for PoV, and all food/Iron goes into building, emblems & leveling - and you can level everyone.
  6. You’d pretty much be assured of every hero available, on the day that you pick, if you can just keep summoning. However, while you have plenty of feeders, you still need everything else. If you can pick all open portals that would help a bunch, limited to one is less good.
    7.Great for screenshot & bragging rights. But you won’t stay there - might not even be thre long enough to screenshot it if too many wish for this.
  7. I bet some would love this, but it’s not me.
  8. Tempting, I’d create something limited to 2* unemblemed heroes. Yes, I wanted the 2* tourneys to hang around - love my Layla.
  9. Meh, not that competitive.
  10. Just say no.
    12.This is like the max roster option, but for people with great rosters already. Means you can ignore troops forever, and get your (likely) forge back.
  11. I call this state of affairs waking up. Sure my food/iron isn’t always maxed when I wake up, but unless I built a building in the last 48 hours, it’s pretty close

So it’s between 3,4,5, and 9. I’d probably go with #5 if the materials just kept renewing when I used them to a minimum stock amount, say 10.

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I separated items and food/iron into two categories to make it more difficult to choose. I personally hate being out of food/iron specially when power leveling heroes or troops. It’s super difficult for me to keep the amounts balanced when dealing with the buildings, heroes and crafting items all at the same time.

#1. Sure I’d have to start over, but I have a copy of every hero. So many possibilities… Especially if this carries forward (i.e. I automatically get a copy of every new hero to be released).

Though I would lose my 2nd Proteus. But I gain a Hel…! and more!

That’s the idea, but I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to gather all the materials and feeders again. And the food/iron as well.

it would be tough, but I think I can manage it with the knowledge that I will have one of every hero ever. just need a bit of patience.

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#1 Full Roster all the way!

I think it’s the impatience while waiting for heroes that could lead to bad/regrettable decisions and frustration than the wait for ascension mats - at least this is the case for me.

I would gladly start from the scratch, knowing that I have the fullest roster possible. I would enjoy the various permutations in which they can be used while slowly playing the game. (For me, not being able to compete with others for the leaderboard is not a deal-breaker. I can live with that.)

I can test so many of my wacky ideas without any limitations on hero availability. Ah, this is the E&Pian dream. :star_struck:


Oh, I understood that you were giving hard choices. I don’t usually have a food/iron shortage, so that’s why it dropped down the list.

It was a really interesting thought exercise.

5 for me.

Infinity ascension items?? I’m all over it :joy:

hehe! my reasoning, exactly. And the ascension materials will come (eventually), at least there are guaranteed sources (the Rare Quests). But with heroes, there is no guarantee of ever getting any of them, especially the Challenge/ Seasonal Event / HOTMs etc. :slight_smile:


Lol if I could do this the game would be over in a year and a half to two years, which sure beats hanging onto crumbs and scraps forever

Having said that there is a certain sense of FTP achievement just treasuring what you were able to get without paying…


Khagan deserves a buff and should be average.

I wish no #1. Every one should be able to fight. Then the real charms come.

Max Buildings (MB#3) for me. Hate the wait time and the use of all those resources.

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