One to choose for Ascension material

I need your opinion here. This is my beloved Team. From left to right.
Boldie, Will, Kash, Kings and Neith.
But Kingston and Neith will sit at 3/70 until I get their ascension material. Now I will replace Neith with Chao, because I got that last orb for him and plenty of emblems.
And now I need a decision here.

  1. Let Kingston sit there or replace?

  2. I have the materials for either Grimm, Kiril or Boril! 3 Blue Heroes but warm Capes for one. And I have all the items for Tiburtus.

  3. And then who goes on Kingston’s spot.

I’d use Grimm. Not the best on defense but def down is very useful everywhere. Kiril also great, but role somewhat taken care of by BT. And you def don’t need to run 3 healers on defense.

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First, you have 2 red and 2 green on this team side-by-side which leaves you vulnerable to both stacking and to gem splash hits (a row of 3 red hitting both your greens does extra damage to both). It’s usually better to have as many different colours as possible in your defense.

Second, how are you liking Kash as your tank? Replacing him would be the main reason for leveling Boril for this team.

Following is a reference for 4* hero positioning for defense.

Boril and Kash are both great for tank. So is BT (Boldie).

Kiril is very similar to BT and they tend to interfere with each other on defense together (you also have Kash as healer so very covered there). So, Boril or Grimm. Grimm can be effecetively used on offense as well. I’d choose him (I love my Grimm and still use him with my 5*'s).

Positioning is tricky with these heroes. A lot want to be on the left to fire first. - Boldie, Grimm, Wilbur. Maybe use Wilbur / Grimm / Boldie / King / Chao. Then you have some separation with the reds.

If you prefer Kash as tank you could try Wilbur or Boldie / Grimm / Kash / Chao / King

King being your best sniper I’d recommend keeping him there even at 3-70, especially with Wilbur.


In my honest opinion, I would keep Kingston in your current defence team. But would swap out Wilbur when you max Grimm. Good luck


And I forgot to mention Sonja!
I have her as well.

Okay thank you! :blush: I forgot to mention Sonja…

To be very honest I love my Kash…
But Boril is someone I always avoid and skip in Raids and War if possible, if he’s in a team lol so maybe a reason to take him…

That’s the reason why Wilbur and Boldie are on the left, side by side. They are awesome together.

This sounds good!

That’s the second I will try. I try your two options. And Sonja I forgot to mention her. Grimm, Sonja or Boril. Or is Boril too much?

I forgot Sonja :see_no_evil:

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Is he better then Tib?

They are great side by side on ofense, not on defense.
@nevarmaor means those very risky on defense. Because same color, with opponent attacker using blue tiles stack… both BT and Wilbur will die fast.


Sonja is perfect for fighting Boril tanks as she dispels the riposte. Fire her right after Boril fires and no more counterattack.

@D_DI rates Sonya as one of best for left wing, where she would clear any enemy buffs (like counterattack) before the next heroes fire. I never used her on defense so I can’t say myself. I love her on offense though.

So yet another team option is:

Sonya / BT / Kash / Chao / Kings

Grimm is the best of the 3 Pulverizers (Grimm / Gormek / Tibs).

Try different defenses and see which one holds up the best for you.

We just keep adding more options and confusing you don’t we :rofl:


Nope :joy::joy::joy: I appreciate it. You gave me some good options and advices here.

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