One Stop Titan Shop: Top 100 Flagship of The Shop Family

Ok… so everyone knows we been around for damn near 7 years.

What ya don’t know is that we are fed up with whiny lil’ brats who think the game is life.

No matter how many points you put up on a titan or how good u are with the summon portal it will not pay your bills or make your significant other love u more.

So, we have taken drastic measures and are now seeking a merger to join us.

Bottom line… no bs, just fun and free thinking without censorship.


Well, that was fun. Ty to the brave crew who are joining… :biting_lip: :popcorn: buckle your seatbelts …


Happy gaming @Mistress_of_Shadows and good luck with the new team mates. Hope its a smooth transition and everyone is happy playing, may the war boards be on your side and cascading tiles plentiful. And thanks

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