One Stop Titan Shop: Top 100 Flagship of The Shop Family

Weekend bump!! Let’s the party started! :dancer: :beers:

Always recruiting future fukwits :smiling_imp: :popcorn: :beers:

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Love the new look adverts

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Thank you. Always changing it up. :kiss:

We were have 2 spots available but they gone so damn fast! Sorry peeps…we still open for the waitlist and another shops!

Always recruiting fresh bodies :biting_lip:

Who wants to be the priority on our waitlist?sign up now!!!

1 spot after war is open… Who wants to come play with me… :smiling_imp: :popcorn:

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The Flagship Shop of the Shop Family! Try to keep up with some of the best!

We are grizzled vets of the game who stopped caring about competitiveness. We’re just here to poke fun at each other kill Titans and laugh at War boards. Got a spot if you want to come play… Just don’t be whiny and @ me :imp:

@JGE you still looking ??? Wanna come play with us for a bit after weekend war?

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Remember the spot in the shops family never last long! Grab it while you can…

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Thank you. But currently not looking until I get back from my 2 week cruise that starts 1st July :passenger_ship:

Fair nuff… U know where to find me if/when the itch needs to be scratched :biting_lip:

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Due to retirement and whiners if the song above fits your views… We want u. @ me. After war got a few spots…

2 spots will be available… Wanna stop stressin and start abusing? @ me and we can chat.

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Remember!!! The spots in shops family never last long, this is your chance to be our family!! Easily offended no need to apply!

We still have 2 precious spots people!! Come come and try to abuse our leader, can you win?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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