One Stop Titan Shop: Top 100 Flagship of The Shop Family

We have another 3 houses who have some spot :grinning:

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We have a waitlist … But have holding spots in other houses…

Fancy testing your strength in a top 100. Get in touch. We have space in other shops whilst you wait :wink:

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Come get u some… But byob

Can’t promise you will get a spot in OSTS, but you can try queuing in our waitlist, especially if you’re hot :biting_lip:

You really want to test your E&P mettle? Join OSTS, no room for meek members

Join and you can be bosom buddies.

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As long as you’re proud with yours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sounds like there’s a lot to keep abreast of in OSTS…

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I am proud of mine when I am in the right moob.

I hear the One Stop Titan Shop is recruiting absolute beasts. Is that true?


So why don’t you try to join us, we will see who has a nice pair of it :kissing_closed_eyes:

Am all tied up at the moment but will see where I can fit you in.

One Stop Titan Shop, the flagship of the Shop Family. 14* titans and no mercy in war

What are you waiting for?..

We’re full atm but we’re open the waitlist :kissing_heart:

Some great shops available to sit in whilst you wait :+1:

You’re saying players wanting OSTS shouldn’t shop around?

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