One Stop Titan Shop: Flagship of The Shop Family

Even in Space The Shops kick the ■■■■

Wow…didn’t even swear and got blocked…lol

Once upon a time in a very very very dark dungeon that can only be accessed in a certain office lies the devices for pleasure or pain and a Leader dressed in leather to provide it…the question is do you have the Sarcastic Humor to handle it and brave enough to become a Fukwit

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Currently full but ALWAYS looking for fresh meat…

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Yes fresh meat not the expired stuff please…lol
And if you can’t wait there are other great Shops to choose from and learn more about the family and when a space becomes available easier to get you in OSTS=ONE STOP TITAN SHOP

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Need to freshen up the place with new blood. May have a spot soon. Show me your teeth and tag me if u wanna hang with the fukwits.

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Got room on the waitlist and u can join another house in the meantime for faster entry. Ooof that don’t sound right… Oh well :beers: :popcorn:


Ohhhh I like this… :kiss: :cocktail:

Only 5 on the waitlist… Still accepting future fu**wits

I can hear the thermian music right now! OoooooEeeeeeeOooooo!

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