One Stop Titan Shop: Flagship of The Shop Family

Stop picking on the office… Its cleaned daily. Just don’t use a blue light :laughing:

How was I picking on the Office…great teachings happen in the Office…but still have the fear of Office’s from their school days…when was sent to the Office was never a good thing…parents where called…the walk of same down the hallway which magically all classroom doors seemed to be open at that time…just me then…lol

Spot #5 is still available on the waiting list :sunglasses:

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Wanna try something different, need some change. Visit us.

Something different LOL I think that’s actually one of the best compliments we’ve had it’s crazy LMAO at least that’s the most G-rated. :laughing:

Shoppers are different… Not your typical Family…unless that Family is
A mixture of the Adam’s, Munsters, with a toss of the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a dash Tales of the Darkside…then yeah perfectly normal…lol

And never forget mistresses of the dark

Back by popular demand… Me :laughing: Join our waiting list today. Never know … We may like u better :laughing:

Come visit us and see what being part a family is about :slight_smile:

Still accepting requests for our waiting list. Think u got what it takes to be with this house of f**wits?

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Is it sick of me
To feed the animal in you
Is it sick to say
I teaze the hunter like I do
Is it sick of me
To watch the wicked way you thrill
Is it sick to say
That I live to break your will… :notes:

Tell shebitch the goat sent you

Baaaaaaad boy :laughing: join me in my office :blush:

I think I dated that guy…

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Accepting fu**wits applications for our waiting list. Who’s next???

I think every woman in the world has dated a guy like that…surprisingly not the worst either and after a few drinks no cares either…lol

Why a waiting List…mostly because with 4 Shops in the family we give recruit from within to individuals who have worked hard growing and learning and ready for the next step…but if you want to get your foot in the door…we have 3 other Shops…this way you can get to know your game family and verify if we are the right fit for you…Not everyone can be a Sarcastic Fukwit…lol
Other Shops to consider in the family
The Dark Shop -14 spots
With s New Leader: Diablogato who has been in the family for 2 yrs and getting his chance to shine
3500 TP- Negotiable
WAR Optional: All flags used if opted in
Coordinated Tanks and FFA After 12 hr mark

YE Olde Curiosities Shop- 5 spots
Not a retirement shop
Welcomes players of all Levels from the beginner to the more experienced
A chance for beginners to learn and grow and for the more experienced to love the game again without the hassle being in a top Alliance while sharing their knowledge to others.

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One Stop Titan Shop may have an opening soon … Nows your chance. Message the bear with 2 dots…
mama. .bear

Happy Independence Day To u all. Home of the free because of the brave. Thank u to all who have served. All gave some. Some gave all. :heart: :heart:

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