One Stop Titan Shop: Flagship of the Family

Don’t forget the bacon…love it or hate it there is plenty… Hint: if you get a member in their Birthday suit to run on the war field with a tray of bacon…distracts the enemy

Bacon… Leather… Latex… Toys. What could go wrong. 1 spot open. Got the guts?

Don’t forget the office and the cages…or is that revealing too much… Anyway special treatment in One Stop Titan Shop…silk pillows and a blanket…talk about the bonus to join now

You know that song that goes…“Private eyes are watching you”… and know you think back on it makes it kinda of a creepy song… well you are in luck because in the One Stop Titan Shop we are all crazy and creepy…that’s right…we give you your choice of binoculars or a scope so everybody is watching everybody… because that’s how the Shop family rolls…we also have bacon :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon: lots if it

One Stop Titan Shop - OSTS for short
One of the top 100 Kick ■■■ and take names or stamp it on your you know what… Sarcastic fun loving adults from all over who love to kill Titans and battle in Wars.
Thick-Skinned is Required and so is Line
Come battle with the beasts and make some friends along the way

Mama is a sweet bear leader…till you get to her office… and what happens in the office stays in the office

One Stop Titan Shop is open 24/7! Come check us out!

Pretty sure mama has picked up a few pounds since that pic :laughing:

nah mama loses it during Office hours…so many to discipline…so little time

come forward to all those that like to kick butt at war and kill Titans as though they are a 4* babies.
One Stop Titan Shop is one of the longest Families and not to mention in the top 100 or is it now top 50… hard to keep track as the wreck havoc throughout the E&P kingdom

Don’t fib star… They are just crazy and sarcastic vets that just play for laughs :laughing:

just a preview what may or may not be found in the office in ONE STOP TITAN SHOP

You know those are definitely found in mama bears office :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:

Oh the things you would see in her office :astonished::laughing::wink:

Someone said bacon and a cage? Where do I sign up?Polish_20210203_120749997

Still want those boots…look how sharp those heels are :crazy_face::chocolate_bar::bacon::stuck_out_tongue::wink:

Those boots are made for grinding out Titans and the competition.

I thought the boots were for playtime in the Office…who knew…but the would make kick ash knock the Titan down with style seem appealing as well

Well, there is that with office playtime. So many uses!

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