One Stop Titan Shop: Flagship of the Family

Founded by Mama Bear and one of the oldest franchises in the game, this OG crew is looking to fill two positions

OSTS is currently ranked at #154 and spanking 14* Titans.

Unchain yourself today and join up. If you are lucky, you just might get invited to Mama Bear’s private office.

Of course all the usual rules apply, hit the Titan and use your war flags.

There is a fine line between pleasure and pain… which side are you on?


Omg i own that same outfit!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiley::kissing_heart:

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So do I!

Will wonders never cease.


An amazing family to be part of!


Bumpity bump bump bumpity bump bump look in the air it’s a bird it’s a plane nope just somebody flying through praising the shops

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Bow down to the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve

Two spots available, we won’t reserve

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who gave mama her whip back…oh wait…she has more then one…never mind
Join the OSTS: ONE STOP TITAN SHOP…free whip included when entering

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Crushing 14* Titans, and the Titan forgot the safe word.

Diablo I need to go shopping with you LOL

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dang now I want those boots…and chocolate

I will never get tired of seeing this!

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I’m available for shopping trips any time!

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Whoot whoot Guns a blazing…Whips a flaying…and boots a stomping…Nice War win OSTS


Good morning fellow and future shoppers. :wink:

@JadeButterfly. I am a supporter of the shops can i be an honorary shopper :laughing:

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They say that whips and chains excite the leader in ONE STOP TITAN SHOPS…:thinking::thinking::thinking:
Then again who wouldn’t be

Where the players come to play hard and then relax around the fire pit with a few drinks…okay with a lot of drinks and have fun

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