ONE SPOT: Top alliance Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy is looking for a few good nuts!

Wanna be a nut? We are a competitive, drama-free and fun Top 20 alliance, with a few loose nuts. Our current war score is 160K. Come check us out.


  • Min. level 29 (1st set) and 23 (2nd set) rainbow mana troops
  • Min. 45 maxed 5* heroes
  • Min. defence TP 4900, 18 nodes on emblems, 3 LB heroes

We are one of the longest-standing (since beta times) alliances and have well-established strategies to help us stay competitive.

Interested? Please message and have a chat with JeeDee on LINE: j.d.f.


We will have 1 spot opening up after the war. Message our leader JeeDee (LINE: j.d.f.) to join us or find out more.

Our last spot is filled temporarily, so we are still looking to fill it. Come chat with us to find out more - we would love to hear from you!

Our last spot still needs to be filled. If you are wanting to stay competitive but not so extreme, we would be the perfect place for you - current war score of 160K. Come check us out!

Our last spot has been filled but we are always looking for people who would like to be on our waitlist. Also, we hit 161K on our war score and really proud of everyone in our alliance for achieving this. Come chat with us and see if we could be a good fit for what you are looking for.

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Grats on 161k Spicy!

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Thank you @Sarmale :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We are still looking to fill one spot, we are only temporarily full. Come check us out!