One spot open on NIGHT WHISPERS! 130K Alliance!



Team oriented alliance looking for one daily player with 3400 TP! Must be 18+ years old, have the LINE app, have 30 useable heroes for AW, great sense of humor, and willing to be part of a team oriented alliance. We are hitting 9-10* Titans. Every member plays a crucial part in Titan kills and alliance war wins!

We are currently hitting 9-10* Titans and seeking more! Come be part of our Whispers family!

Search for us “Whispers” in game and join Night Whispers! Send LINE chat to Skylar (ID:Lyshorty) or DocProft (ID: Docprofit)


Alliance info! Can we get some love?


Still looking for the one active daily player, ready to have some fun with us!


She’s undersold us! We’re a130k alliance! :wink:


Lol it fluctuates. Went with the lower number. :grin:



AW ready with 3400 TP! Ready to face 9-10* Titans, be part of a team oriented alliance that knows how to bring down the house while having fun!!!

Come join our Whispers Family! Hit me up on Line (ID: Lyshorty) or my co Docprofit (ID: Docprofit)


Greetings Night Whispers. Your team looks great.Hope we will have a good and friendly war in a moment :slight_smile:
See you on the battlefield


Thank you so much! Are you one of the Titan Slayers? Why no Line war chat? :pensive:


Still needing one daily player with a great personality and sense of humor to join our robust family! We have a great time together and truly do feel like we’re friends and family.

We will help you grow. Multiple members have been in top 100 players and lots of knowledge to share and help you grow!

Join us, I promise we will not disappoint you!


We are full for now, but please keep us in mind for any future openings!!! And if you want game help, more than happy to help! Hit me up on Line ID - Lyshorty


We, unfortunately had to let go of one of our people as they were not active. So once again we have an opening! If you have minimal 3400TP with Line app, you will get entry into our alliance. We are in the business of being heavily addicted to the game.

There’s always chatter - too much so that for one alliance we have four different chat rooms which are usually active. We have a heavy set of very knowledgeable players that do not mind sharing the knowledge and helping you grow.

We welcome anyone who has a great sense of humor and personality! Feeling shy? No requirements to chat but must check line for war strategies and rules, to stay you just have to stay active daily.

We understand RL happens so if we don’t hear from you we will try you on Line to ensure everything is good. We don’t just boot someone for the sake of booting someone. It happens after many warnings and attempts to reach out.

Give us a chance and see why there are so little oppornuities of openings! We really are close knit like old friends and family!

Become a part of our Whispers Family! Search for us in game using search word “Whispers” or send a line chat to me (ID: Lyshorty) or my co Docprofit (ID: Docprofit).


Please keep us in mind… we might have a couple of more openings shortly. We normally don’t have a high turnover but we’re pushing for top 100 alliance and can’t make excuses for folks who are unwilling to commit to the alliance. We are only interested in serious players who have a great personality. :grin:


Seems to us well be looking, after this war!

Come on over and have some fun! Find me on line: docprofit



Looking for one more player who likes to have fun on and off game, good with competition even within alliance, willing to grow and help others grow. Just would like an all around amazing player. Don’t have to have the big guns. Just have 3400TP, 2000cups, and a sense of humor! :grin:

Find us in game by searching “Whispers” or line chat us:


  • Skylar - Lyshorty
  • Drift - idriftup
  • Docprofit - Docprofit
  • Nameless - nameless_bella
  • Ramiwais - yulidori
  • Flat - Elderflatlander
  • Matius - matius101


Full up! There are spots inour sister alliance, dusky innuendo! Open clan, Just apply


We’re looking for one more again! Join the fun loving family of whispers! 9*-11* titans.

3500 TP
Alliance War ready and capable
Personalities welcome!

Find me on Line: Docprofit


Bump for great justice!


sounds good. but I don’t meet your lofty standards as I have only been playing just less than a month although I do play daily , several times a day. Would like to learn more from people who know more though. Perhaps if you decide to do a bit of slumming?


Add me on Line and I can still help you. Get you into our sister alliance “Dusky Innuendos” until you’re ready to join our main alliance.

My line ID is Lyshorty.