One Spot Open in Sherwood Rangers - CLOSED, position filled


Greetings, and welcome to an exquisite opportunity! Come join the Sherwood Rangers!

Who we are:

  • A hard-working, fun-loving team. We help each other a lot.
  • We share ideas, strategies, suggestions, and secrets.
  • We smoke 7* Titans, we kill about 2 out of 3 8s, we have a 9 pelt. We are continuously improving these stats!
  • Our chat is always profanity-free! We are always drama-free!
  • We have no current trophy requirement, but we have some friendly internal trophy competition.
  • You must hit every Titan.
  • You must use all 6 War Flags.
  • You must improve. That’s it - those are our rules. We will help you with all of them!
  • We have offline discussion in Line.
  • We have our own web site where we share strategy, secrets, etc.

Come grow your team with the Sherwood Rangers!