One solution to power creep

In current meta even with superior talent and high raw power, season 1 heroes even with secondary costume, still irrelevant, kindly add talent node 21-25 to existing heroes released before 2022 ,so power creep can be countered, rather than adding secondary and tertiary costumes . And at end of year just revise power of all heroes or talent node power increment. OT add talent node 25-30

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I’m not sure this is a solution as much as it just helps season 1 heroes.
I have costume Joon limit broken with emblems and he has 945 power. Eset, the newest hero would have 999 power. The additional emblem nodes would close that power gap, but passives, family bonuses, and special skills still leave a huge gap.

I actually find the focus on stats to be part of the problem as it tricks us into thinking same stats mean heroes are equally useful.


My Domitia with 2 costumes can more or less compete with newer heroes with her stats

But let’s not forget how many passives new heroes have and extra special effects.


Problem is not power (currently S1 with 2 costumes have the highest power of the game), but passives and special skills. It would be better if one costume adds a passive and the second costume truly changes the SS.

This would not encourage people to spend money to keep up with power creep. It will never happen.

I’d argue that some of the Superior Talents make S1s viable/usable (even strong in some cases!) in today’s meta. Superior Revive, Dodge and Manashield can all be devastating.

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Super revive is absolutely nuts.


Viv’s second costume is a real pain in the ash. Gotta kill her last.