One Single World Energy Flag

So sometimes all I need is for 10 minutes to pass to get another world energy flag. Sometime I just don’t have that ten minutes to wait around. I think we’ve all been there, that last farming stage to fill the monster bar, but sometimes you just gotta clock in and get to work.

It might be nice if - as a reward - we were able to get 1 WE instead of the rarity of an entire vial. They would be nice little drops to our loot here and there…


Sounds like a really nice idea.

Same for raid energy. When you need 1 hero kill to fill your raid chest but it’s midnight and you need your beauty sleep. Don’t want to waste 5 raid flags and don’t want to stay up and use them.


Same with the Titan, sometimes I don’t have time to wait 4hrs for the next flag as I need to be at work, it would be nice is we count just grab one quickly. LOL

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