One should be able to skip the tutorial

Greetings to developers,
I would like to request that a player be given the choice of skipping the tutorial after installing the game.
Recently, I installed the game on a Windows emulator and wanted to continue my saved progress on Google Games account, but I had to suffer through the tutorial before being able to log back in and change the language setting of the game.
Even if I was to dumb to see an existing option to skip the tutorial, could you please make it more obvious to newbies like me?


20 x yes for this, give us a choise to skip tutorial

Following up on this issue, I tried installing the game on another device. The game automatically logged me in Google Play Games account, but with the one associated with the primary account on that device. It wasn’t the account where my progress was stored, so again I had to wait for the tutorial to end, before I could log in with my own Google Play account to continue on my progress.
*** In short, there should be at least a choice to pause before starting the tutorial; otherwise, one cannot even change simple options like music play or the interface language, let alone logging in with a different Google Play account.

I forgot to add a workaround that I found: After installing the game on a different device, do not start it right away. Instead, open the Google Play Games app and log into the account that you had previously played on. Start the game from that Google Play Games account. It will continue from where you left off. Afterwards, you can start the game directly.

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